'We Who Are About To Die' Revives The Ancient Roman Blood Sport of Gladiator Fighting

'We Who Are About To Die' Revives The Ancient Roman Bloodsport of Gladiator Fighting
Nothing like the prospect of imminent death to serve as motivation for violence!

Dying doesn’t sound like much fun. Dying a violent death in a sandy arena while thousands cheer for your blood, well that’s just downright sad! Blood sports have faded away as the centuries have passed and people have slowly grown less barbaric.

The last two men standing facing off to decide who lives and who dies... Image by 'We Who Are About To Die.'

‘We Who Are About To Die,’ is a roguelite gladiatorial combat game that brings the ancient blood sport back to life with all the guts and violence that go with it. 

You start out as a gladiator, fighting for your life and killing your fellow gladiators in the fighting pits. Prove your worth in the fighting pits, impress your owner, and you will move on to larger pits and small arenas. You only have one life, so if you die, your journey ends and you need to start a new journey as a different gladiator!

The only way to the top is by blood. Fight in bigger arenas to entertain larger crowds, and impress wealthy spectators, and soon you’ll be able to expand your gladiator school, gain valuable intel on rival gladiators with bribes and hire better gladiator trainers.

A sneaky gladiator hanging back and letting the other fighters kill each other off before he joins the fray. Image by 'We Who Are About To Die.'

There are 8 different weapon classes for you to learn and use in the arena as you strive for a chance to battle it out in the Grand Stadium and win wealth and fame beyond your wildest dreams!

Every gladiator is fully customizable. Pick armor and equipment individually for each of your fighters. During the fights, you have full control of the character and every move must come from you.

There are a number of different backstories for you to play through. Each story has unique rewards once you complete it.

Enter the arena, please the crowds, and rise up the leaderboard as the greatest gladiator alive!

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