Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Breakdown

The Walkers are back!

The war is officially on, two great leaders are going head to head! Negan has pushed his victims too far with the constant a** f**king; all they needed was a leader and a man to guide them, that’s where Rick comes in. 

Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres on October 22. The trailer was released during San Diego Comic-Con and was accepted and loved with open arms. Take a look:


From the trailer we can tell AMC will be sparing no expense, there will be drama and there will be death. Who will survive the ultimate war? Who knows. There are a couple of Easter Eggs in the trailer though and nods to the past.

In 00:51 Carol stares at a drawing of a flower. Sound familiar? Here’s a hint “Look at the flowers Lizzie.” Yup, Carol’s dark past is coming back during dire times. Carol has been on a rollercoaster of emotions and this one piece of her past could make or break her. 

Shiva the tiger will be getting in on the action as we see a short clip of her fighting some walkers. Hopefully, AMC spent a little more money because the last Shiva CGI was controversial and scrutinized for its lack of visual depth. For such a popular show it’s unacceptable and an insult to the fans to cut costs where it matters.

The most unsettling part of the trailer is on 4:15 when Morgan says “I don’t die.” It leaves an ominous atmosphere. People who are going to live don’t say things like “I’m invincible” it could be a hint that Morgan will meet his maker by the end of the war.

Last but not least, Negan and his thugs don’t look too good in the trailer. Negan is shown visibly agitated in an empty room in 4:00 and his group seen fleeing or hiding in 3:32. It doesn’t look good for The Saviors, as their leader the comedic a**hole AKA Negan, might be at Rick’s mercy very soon.


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