[Top 15] Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Best Mods That Are Fun

 [Top 15] Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Best Mods That Are Fun


With the long-awaited announcement of Dragons Dogma 2, fans have finally been graced with the news of its development on June 16th, following the celebration of the game’s 10-year anniversary. Many fans will be wanting to play through the game at least once more in anticipation of the new title. 

What better way to replay the game than to give yourself a new and fun experience by revamping the game with some mods? While the modding for Dragons Dogma has been a bit lackluster, I’ve compiled some of the best-known mods in the community while also adding a few that will enhance the experience.


15. Alternative Intro Songs

Inserts alternative main title/main menu themes to replace the default. The song selection is of media that inspired and was inspired by Dragons Dogma. Most notably tracks from the 90’s show Berserk, whose manga helped inspired the game, as well as games like Dark Souls. 

The main theme of DD (Dragons Dogma) is iconic in its own way. If you are trying to revamp the game for yet another playthrough, like many are doing before the release of Dragons Dogma 2, you will want this new playthrough to feel different. What better way to feel like the game has changed than by starting at the very beginning, while also including music from the great Susumu Hirasawa?

Why Alternative Intro Songs is fun: 

No longer the same music every time

Tracks from similarly themed media will feel like they fit well.

Includes music with more upbeat scores, that will have you feeling more hyped

Get the mod here: link


14. Pawn Stars

Changes the preset female pawns, to include ones that are a bit more aesthetically pleasing. This includes no headgear, and more attractive facial features and hairstyles.

While this may only change an aesthetic purpose, it also adds new-looking pawns to join you on your journey. This is especially important for those who do not play online. Having these new-looking companions will add to the feeling of a new and revamped game.   

Why Pawn Stars is fun: 

It offers more and new variety.

Allows players to form new party aesthetics.

Allows players to experiment with new looks for their pawns.

Get the mod here: link

13. Berserk Like Set

Replaces in-game armor and weapons with the Berserker armor and sword from the manga/anime Berserk. This is the same armor that the character Guts uses throughout the series.  

While the armor in the game is already inspired by Berserk, this actually allows you to brandish the imposing umbra gear. Its stats are the same as the armor pieces that it replaces, which is not a comprehensive set on its own.    

Why Berserk Like Set is fun: 

For fans of the Manga, you finally get to complete your cosplay.

Changes some of the more bland armor with this stylish set.

Combines the nostalgia of both DD and Berserk

Get the mod here: link


12. Jump

This mod allows the player to jump at 1.6x normal jump height. This may seem unsubstantial, but for a game that has so much movement during its combat, this mod is more substantial than you may think.

Alone, this mod wouldn't make much of a substantial difference. It is definitely a mod that you would add if you're planning on downloading several. This will also allow the player to explore areas that may have been restrictive to certain classes.   

Why Jump is fun: 

Will enhance player movement and in turn make them feel more powerful.

Allows more unhindered movement.

Allows players to explore new areas they may have never been to before.

Get the mod here: link


11. Power leveling

For experienced players who have already played DD many times, this mod is essential for moving you through the more mundane bits at a faster rate. Power Leveling increases the rate at which you level up and allows you to access the more impressive abilities much earlier in the game.

If you are like many players and have played new rounds of this game many times over, this mod makes replaying the same parts you are used to a lot more fun than before. 

Why Power leveling is fun: 

Allows players to access better abilities much sooner

Speeds past the more tepid parts of the gameplay

Allows earlier access to DLC content that is level-locked.

Get the mod here: link


10. Greater Rewards

For this mod, rather than adding new content, it allows you access to parts of the game you may have never acquired before due to in-game rarity mechanics. Many players try to grind the DLC boss for a rare set of armor and some may never have access to them, such as the Abbysinal Outfit or Chaos Armor.

For the player who is trying to search out the darkest un-explored corners of the game and find merch that feels like it’s at the end of a treasure hunt, Greater Rewards might be the mod for you.

Why Greater Rewards is fun: 

Helps you try new armor and weapons you couldn’t find or get to before

Allows players to look at loot they may not know exists

Makes late-game areas such as Everfall and Bitterblack Isles less grindey. 

Get the mod here: link


9. Longbow Skill Mod Pack

This mod is perfect for the player who prefers to play Ranger but finds some of the skills lackluster, or maybe someone who likes the Longbow’s mechanics but wants the pizazz of the Magic Archer. 

With this mod, you can add several elemental and exploding effects to the Longbow. If you enjoy a ranged weapon but want to add a different damage type this might work well, or if you just get bored of the standard arrow options.

Why  Longbow Skill Mod Pack is fun: 

Not many mods add completely new abilities! Brings a new experience to the game

Adds a skill and balance to one of the historically less-preferred classes

Boosts the diversity in skills for the Ranger class, giving you much more to use

Get the mod here: link


8. Unarmed Combat mod

This mod basically creates its own new class, allowing players to embody the archetype of the martial artist or monk class of other games. While it will work with any class with no weapon equipped, the variety of skills you will acquire with this mod leave no need for other abilities.

When you use this mod you can enjoy different elemental abilities as well as a whole suite of new moves that improve your speed and versatility on the battlefield. 

Why Unarmed Combat mod is fun: 

Adds more fluid movement and stronger versatility for existing classes

Lets you enjoy the game you love with a whole new skillset

Helps if you want to play a certain archetype or cosplay within the game

Get the mod here: link


7. wickfutENB - This is Dragon's Dogma

This mod allows the player to re-color the game to their liking, adding a new visual tone to the playing experience. If you are in the mood for a more solemn, serious play you might choose to enhance the blue light, for example. 

This mod also adds an HDR effect, making the visual experience much more appealing with 10+ year old graphics getting a new shine.

Why wickfutENB - This is Dragon's Dogma is fun: 

Gives the game an updated feel

Allows the player to enhance the overall mood of the game to match their playthrough vibes

For streamers, this mod will assist in HDR+ streaming and enhance your viewer’s visual experience

Get the mod here: link


6. Remastering Dragon’s Dogma

If you enjoy the game play of Dragon’s Dogma but want to improve the aesthetic feel, using this mod in tandem with the last one will go a long way to do just that. Remastering Dragon’s Dogma improves a plethora of the game’s textures, from the landscape to the character clothing.

If you are used to the graphics of the game in its original form, playing with this mod may feel like getting a Dragon’s Dogma 1.5, with improved visuals throughout.

Why Remastering Dragon’s Dogma is fun: 

Adds updated feel to the same game experience

Helps add a cohesive look to the areas of the game which usually have spotty texture

Overall helps improve the visuals of DD

Get the mod here: link


5. World Difficulty

If coming from Elden Ring makes DD feel like you’re on training wheels, you might enjoy ramping up the challenge a little with this mod. It adds more enemies per area and makes them harder to beat.

If you are one for a challenge or need to spice up the same old playing experience you might consider adding a new level of difficulty with World Difficulty.

Why World Difficulty is fun: 

Adding new enemies to certain areas would change things up for people who have re-played countless times

Making nights more difficult, makes the base game (without DLC) more challenging

Encourages new exploration for different areas, in case you encounter new enemies

Get the mod here: link


4. Greatsword Max

This mod adds 9 new longsword skills, and 4 new shield skills to the Warrior class. For those used to the standard array of Warrior skills, this gives the class more unique and powerful abilities. 

This increases the viability of the Warrior class, often underused in the base game. The new abilities gel well with the original vibe of the class, while providing an upgraded feel.

Why Greatsword Max is fun: 

The abilities are more fun to use- more flashy and exuberant.

Upgrade not only your own abilities but perhaps your companions, allowing certain moves of theirs to work in tandem with your own

Form a unique party with a class that feels new

Get the mod here: link


3. Spell Mod Pack

If the Sorcerer class wasn’t already overpowered, this mod enhances their abilities by tweaking their spells to make even more of them match up to the impressive caliber. This mod includes a variety of spells to improve on, including adding to their duration, making the effects more physically sturdy and causing the damage to be further reaching and more impressive.

The Sorcerer is already one of the most fun classes to play, so by adding this mod you can feel truly unstoppable when playing in some easier areas.

Why Spell Mod Pack is fun: 

Improves sorcerer allies

Adds fire and fury to already-impressive effects

Makes some enemies that were previously difficult to beat easier

Get the mod here: link


2. Don’t Blind Me

Have you had the uniquely Dragon’s Dogma experience of being completely blinded every 3 seconds mid-battle, while trying to lock onto opponents, because your sorcerer companion called down another Tornado? This mod makes that no more. 

Removing the completely whited-out screen effect that was caused by many area-of-effect spells can be useful to keep focus while fighting. Finally, you can fight alongside your magical ally rather than having to move away each time they cast a spell.

Why Don’t Blind Me is fun: 

Allows players to experience battling inside of the area-of-effect spells

As a sorcerer, you can charge up your next spell, targeting a new enemy, while the spell you have just cast is ongoing

Also functions against enemy spells that would have blinded you

Get the mod here: link


1. dinput8.dll hooks

This mod functions almost as many different mods, with a variety of extremely helpful effects, including but not limited to:

Change day and night cycles/time of day

Change item spawn settings

Allows you to utilize all weapons regardless of class

You can have several character save files

Improved pawn and item organization

This mod is the ultimate utility/lifehack mod, best for more experienced players who have been through the story countless times and want to experiment with different aspects of the game with ease. It’s difficult to overhype how much more fun this mod makes DD.

Why dinput8.dll hooks is fun: 

Great for streamers or those who want to create a more cinematic experience 

The most developed and widely utilized DD mod to date

Adds so many new features it’s well worth just checking out to read through the variety of new options you will get

Get the mod here: link


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