Top 10 Fantasy Strategy Games for PC

Fantasy and Strategy seem to go together like peas and carrots

Let's take a look at the top 10 fantasy strategy games for PC

Lets face it, fantasy plus video games equals fun, strategy plus videogames also equals fun, so what happens when you combine the two? Well a number of developers over the years seem to know the answer to that as we have a large selection of fantasy-strategy games. And I think the two genres complement each other, the fantasy element allows for supernatural forces like dragons and magic to be implemented in a strategy game while the strategy element allows for a coherent integration of the fantasy elements. So In honor of such a rich, here is our list of the top 10 fantasy strategy games for PC.

10. Endless Legend

Set in a unique fantasy world, players can choose from 11 different factions from ghostly knights to magic wielding forest dwellers and carve out an empire of their own. In this turn based 4X strategy game manage your resources and forger a nation. The game includes a research system where you can invest in military, scientific, expansionist, or economic technology to add more replay ability and customization to your play through.

Forge an empire in this hexagonal-based strategy game

9. Thea: The Awakening

Play as an ancient Slavic god and lead your people through faith in this survival/strategy game. After centuries of darkness, become a ray of hope. Choose which god you want to worship and help your villagers gather resources and survive. Then equip your believers with weapons and send them out on expeditions to battle monsters and enemies for resources and conquest.

Play as a Slavic god and find victory for your believers

8. Age of Wonders III

Age of wonders III offers a turn-based strategy game set on a hexagonal map (a feature which I think is very underrated with how useful it is) in a fantasy world of Elves, humans, Dwarves, and other races. Similar to the Total War series Age of wonders also separates combat into a separate phase still using the hexagonal format. Age of Wonders III also follows the 4x formula, explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

Age of Wonders III offers a unique grand strategy experience with its hexagonal based, fantasy combat

7. Age of Mythology

A spinoff title from the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology is set in the ancient world with the addition of the legendary mythical creatures which they believed stalked the Earth. Choose from the Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse as you battle with not just ordinary soldiers but with everything from Chimera to frost giants at your side. Interestingly enough, Age of Mythology can be credited for not just being a great game in its own right, but also helping influence some of the mechanics that made Age of Empires III in my opinion, the best game in the series.

Age of Mythology was the first in the series to be fully rendered in 3d instead of the 2 ½d isometric structure the first two games had. And while the game has certainly aged, it has helped make its sequel a beautifully rendered game that holds up today. In addition the ability to choose what bonuses you want your civilization to have when you advance in age was started in age of Mythology where you can create new units and gain blessings depending on what god you worship.

Human and mythic warriors fight together in Age of Mythology

6. Total War: Warhammer

Moving away from the historical and into the fantasy genre, Sega’s Total War: Warhammer brings the combination of large scale, strategic decision making and real time battles to the world of Warhammer. Choose your faction, from the Greenskin Horse, the Empire of Mankind, Chaos, Dwarves, or the Vampire Counts and lead them to dominance through diplomacy, trade, and war.

Total War: Warhammer turns the classic tabletop RPG into a turn-based strategy game

5. Armello

In this cute, colorful, and stylized fantasy world inhabited by clans of anthropomorphic animals, Armello uses elements from tabletop rpgs, card games, and strategy videogames. Become monarch of your kingdom through battle and tactics. Choose from a number of unique heroes from a badger knight to a squirrel thief and explore dungeons capture settlements and become the next monarch after the king has become corrupted by the “rot”.

In this deceptively cute world you forge your own kingdom

4. Heroes of Might and Magic V

The first of the long established fantasy, turned-based strategy series to be fully rendered in 3d Heroes of Might and Magic V continues the series strengths as both an RPG and a strategy game. You play as a hero, a leader of an army and can recruit yourself to a number of different factions. Dependent on the race and ability of that hero they can allot various skills to upgrade their hero.

Upgrade your unique heroes

3. The Banner Saga

In this Viking-themed tactical RPG along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics, you take part in an epic and emotionally engaging journey to stop the growing forces of evill. In the Banner Saga, defeat is not the end as you continue on with your caravan of warriors. With an emphasis on story and character, lead your Viking heroes to victory against the forces of evil.

Battle the forces of evil in this tactical RPG

2. Warhammer 40k Dawn of war II

An instant classic, Warhammer 40k combines an equal amount of real time strategy with RPG elements as you fine tune your squad of blood raven space marines and battle the forces of the Tyranid swarm. Warhammer 40k Dawn of war II is an excellent integration of the classic tabletop RPG into a video game form.

A small section of the Blood Raven Chapter of the Imperial Space Marines led by the new commander (you) are initially sent on missions to defend their recruiting worlds from Ork and Eldar attack when a horrifying realization occurs that these attacks are just distractions from a much larger invasion by the seemingly unstoppable tyranid swarm, a species of deadly aliens who spread like a virus, they know no fear, emotion or mercy. They exist only to spread and consume all life from a planet. It is up to a small but battle-hardened band of Space Marines to stop them.

 While the gameplay is at its heart the same as a traditional rts with a small contingent of soldiers roaming across the map to defeat enemies from a top-down, isometric perspective, the size of your force is exceedingly limited and all squads return for the next mission. This is made up for with the rpg mechanics wherein your squads increase in level from experience and collect new weapons and armor. 

Upgrade and manage the loadout of your Space Marine squad

1. Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

My personal favorite on this list, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth is a real time strategy game with minimal Grand Strategy elements and some RPG elements. Take control over the forces of good or evil and fight for the future of Middle Earth. You can take command of both the heroes and villains from Tolkien’s works from Gandalf to Gollum as you fight region by region to seize more power and resources.

When you play as the “good” faction you have command over both the forces of Rohan and Gondor, while for “evil” you have Isengard and Mordor. The bulk of the Gameplay involves you taking one of your armies and conquering a region of Middle Earth and gaining a strategic bonus from it such as extra resources or manpower. In addition, your heroes and units can level up as they gain experience. This is definitely a game worth checking out.

Recreate scenes from Lord of the Rings in Battle for Middle Earth

So there you have our top ten fantasy Strategy games for PC. You know it’s surprising how many titles in this very specific genre there were, and even more surprising was the rich variety and quality of these games. So I think we should be thankful for these developers taking this risk.

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