There Were Over 50 Million PS4 Consoles Sold In 2016

PS4 sales, PS4 console 2016
The PS consoles are the most popular consoles in the world, and while the PS4 hasn’t reached the popularity of its predecessors, its popularity is rising fast.

The newest edition

Because consoles provide a more standardized gameplay in terms of how much graphical power they are able to pump out, whilst still providing a smooth experience, they have to come out with a new version of their platform every decade or so. 

It’s no wonder then why there’s so much hype with the newest versions of consoles before they come out and its huge sales numbers after they are released, which, in PS4’s case, sold over 50 million copies worldwide since its release in 2013. 

There is one big reason why consoles sold so well in the past decade and that’s console exclusive games, like the God of War series.

Closer to PCs with every iteration

With every new console released, it’s clear that consoles desperately want to gain the functionality and customization of PCs. The PS4 for example, is an all in one package, which means that you can use it to play games, watch movies, surf the web and do many things that you could on a PC. 

This trend isn’t only apparent on consoles but on all modern devices such as smart phones and other modern forms of ‘PCs’. This is a modern trend that tries to cater to every consumer’s desire by bringing a ton of functionality to each device, so we can’t really attribute this as a breakthrough for Sony, but it is a feature nonetheless.


The pros and cons of the new PS4.

Obvious superiority

There is one obvious superiority that most modern game consoles have over the PC and that’s backwards compatibility. It’s hard to play old games on a new PC as a lot of old games do not recognize the new hardware and that makes it especially tricky and a lot of times downright unenjoyable to play classic titles on the computer.

While Xbox One is the only popular console that incorporates this feature by simply sliding in your old 360 games and you’re ready to go, PS4 had clearly abandoned its feature and, that’s a shame, but it still didn’t deter sales at any point.

It might not reach the popularity of its previous iterations, which all had backwards compatibility, apparently its not ‘that needed of a feature’, based on Sony vision of their newest addition to the series. 


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