Strange Horticulture Dabbles in the Occult and Explores the Power of Strange Plants

 Strange Horticulture Dabbles in the Occult and Explores the Power of Strange Plants
Plants have been around forever so it comes as no surprise that they have power.

The occult is as old as the hills. Plants have always played a crucial role in occultic practices. In ‘Strange Horticulture’ players take on the role of horticulturalists in a world ruled by the occult and filled with the paranormal.

Unlocking new plants and abilities. Image by 'Strange Horticulture'.

Undermere is a “quaint” little town set between towering mountains and thick forests. The forests are filled with all sorts of plant life, including strange and rare herbs, mushrooms, flowers, and other plants.

As a horticulturist owning ‘Strange Horticulture’, a plant shop in undermere, the plants in the woods are players’ field of expertise, their source of money, and their source of occultic power and influence.

The woods surrounding Undermere are filled with unknown powers, and venturing into the wrong places can cause player characters to completely lose their mind. Some areas, however, hold secrets to unbelievable power. Players must use clues to help determine which areas are good to visit and which are not.

A trusty encyclopedia is a source of new knowledge. Image by 'Strange Horticulture'.

One small mistake can result in a total catastrophe for the player character and the people of Undermere. However, correctly mastering the power of plants and horticulture in the world of the occult will prove to be a life-altering, possibly lifesaving experience.

As players progress they must use their encyclopedia to enhance their plant knowledge and use the unique powers of individual plants to shape and influence the hundreds of years old occult mystery story that they have become a part of.

‘Strange Horticulture’ is developed by ‘Bad Viking’ and is available on Steam.

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