Spellmaster: The Saga Unleashes the Power of Righteous Magic

Spellmaster: The Saga Unleashes the Power of Righteous Magic
Time to turn those annoying hangers-on who aren't really your friends into frogs!

The ability to cast spells and use powerful magic to fight and defeat enemies, heal the sick, and make life better, in general, is something that most people would not say no to. 

Despite the incredible lack of belief in magic by most people, there are still some who strive to practice it. In the event that it was real, however, it would be a highly sought-after gift.

Explore a vast open-world map and interact with a variety of different NPCs. Image by 'Spellmaster: The Saga.'

Spellmaster: The Saga’ places players in a unique position. Players play as a young spell master that wishes to bring peace to his world ‘Allyon’ and to share his skills and abilities with others so that they can also help to combat the evil that rages across Allyon and seeks to destroy it.

Players must build their own magic academy, where they will not only be able to train new spell masters in the ways of their magic, but they will also be able to teach themselves new spells and abilities, growing ever more powerful as the game progresses.

Build and expand an academy to train new spell masters. Image by 'Spellmaster: The Saga.;'

The game features an open world that can be explored freely. Players can search for and obtain ancient magic artifacts, complete a variety of quests, and fight a bunch of really bad people that are hanging around the world not doing anyone any good.

‘Spellmaster: The Saga’ requires players to think carefully about each decision they make, because every decision has lasting consequences through the rest of the game, for better or for worse.

‘Spellmaster: The Saga’ is developed by ‘Spellbook Creations’ and is available on Steam.

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