Spaceflight Simulator Tickles the Imaginations of Aspiring Astronauts

Spaceflight Simulator Tickles the Imaginations of Aspiring Astronauts
And liftoff!

The dream of spaceflight and traveling out to the stars, settling on new planets, and walking on the moon are things that most ordinary people never get to experience. They only ever hear about the lucky few who have in the news.

Design and build custom rockets. Image by 'Spaceflight Simulator'.

Spaceflight Simulator’ puts players in command of their own space program, something that most people cannot even dream of in real life. Players are required to work everything from start to finish, starting with designing and building their rockets and spaceships. 

Once the rockets are designed and built players must run tests and plan space missions. Space missions can go anywhere, from the moon to planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Players can even visit Mars’ moons Phobos and Deimos. 

Plan and run missions out into space, even going further than Mars. Image by 'Spaceflight Simulator'.

Each planet and moon has its own unique gravitational pull and atmospheric conditions, meaning spacecraft requirements, engine builds, nosecones and landing gear are all going to vary, and players must determine the best builds for each mission based on these requirements as well as payload requirements and mission goals.

‘Spaceflight Simulator’ boasts real-world physics and atmospheric conditions for all explorable planets, as well as for rockets based on thrust, payload, etc. Players are able to build and launch satellites, rovers, and space stations into space to be used for research, exploration, and maybe even colonization.

‘Spaceflight Simulator’ is developed by Stefo Mai Moronja and is available on Steam.

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