'Sign of the Times' DLC Revisits New Bordeaux in 'Mafia III'

Lincoln Clay’s bloody journey continues

Released in October 2016, Mafia III introduced players to Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War vet bent on revenge. Through manipulation, intimidation, brute force, and terror, Lincoln wreaks havoc across the Louisiana city of New Bordeaux.

Lincoln is making his return to New Bordeaux in Sign of the Times, released July 25th of this year, the first DLC expansion to the game.

Taking place before the endgame, Sign of the Times puts you in control of Lincoln amid brutal ritualistic killings across the city of New Bordeaux. Old haunts will be revisited, albeit it with newer gameplay features and access to new content. Father James tasks the player to investigate and put an end to the chaos. The player will return to the unforgiving underworld of the city, now given an option to upgrade your safehouse.

With 8 new missions, multiple new weapons, cars, and achievements, Sign of the Times also gives the game an extra boost by including a ‘bullet-time’ mechanic and investigative modes during missions.

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