Rogue Invader – Squishy Games’ New Roguelike on Greenlight

One million Marines - One gun

New Roguelike Side-scrolling Shooter With a Truly Unique Art Style

There have been a lot of brilliant roguelike games lately. Only time will tell what fortunes the future has in store for Squishy Games’ roguelike side-scrolling shooter. It may very well disappear into the gaping maws of mediocrity. But as they say, first impressions last; Rogue Invader has killed it as far as first impressions are concerned.

What Makes It Unique

The first thing anybody would notice about Rogue Invader is its unique art style. It obviously pays off in the aesthetics department if one of the lead developers happens to be experienced in animation and designing.

The developers have described the graphics of this game as “1-bit HD”, and with good reason too. The entire game has been rendered in black and white. Even the areas that appear to be grey turn out to be alternating black and white pixels upon closer inspection. This gives the game a distinct retro look that, coupled with a soundtrack that fits the old-fashioned visuals like a latex glove, gamers from previous generations will certainly appreciate.

Look, I may go on and explain all day about how unique and promising the game looks, but that purpose would be better served if you just check out the launch trailer below. Check Rogue Invader out on Steam Greenlight.

Rogue Invader is slated for release on September 2015.

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