Rise To Power On The Backs Of Dragons In 'Palworld' - A Survival Crafting Game

Rise To Power On The Backs Of Dragons In 'Palworld' - A Survival Crafting Game
It's always nice to have plenty of pals, especially when they're running miniguns and flying around like angry hornets!

‘Palworld’ is an open-world multiplayer survival crafting game in an epic world full of ‘Pals,’ which are mysterious dragon-like creatures! 

You can tame Pals, ride them, hunt them, fight them, or even fight with them! Pals can even be used as work animals to help you complete tasks that require some extra muscle.

Zooming around on the back of a red Pal, ready to wreak havoc and destruction on any opposition! Image by 'Palworld.'

Your first order of business in the world of Pals is to survive. You need to build yourself a shelter to protect yourself from the hectic weather conditions and wild animals unless you want to turn into an icicle or get drenched by rain. You also need to find food, and build weapons to fight poachers and dangerous animals with!

Pals are jacks of all trades, so to speak. They can do all your hard work for you, digging holes, moving heavy loads, literally anything! And I mean, who wants to move heavy stuff around when someone else can do it for you?

Then there’s the added advantage that you can ride Pals. They can fly you wherever you need to go and help you to explore the vast open world in which you live! Now you don’t even need to go to the trouble of walking or traveling on land wherever you want to go…

There are dungeons for you to explore, and if you run into trouble down in the dungeons, your Pal will protect you!

A buff Pal with a minigun! Time to run or die! Image by 'Palworld.'

Whatever you need to be done, there’s a Pal that can do it for you. You can build the life of your dreams without doing any of the hard work to get it!

The game’s in-depth mechanics allow you to build incredible buildings, objects, tools, and technology. You can farm with crops (and Pals) for food and resources that you need. You can build factories to process raw materials and produce manufactured products using automated systems.

Not all Pals are the same. Some are common. Some are rare. Some are even endangered. It is up to you to prevent poachers from killing Pals and wiping out rare Pal varieties. Breeding rare Pals can also earn you a lot of money!

‘Palworld’ is developed by ‘Pocketpair,’ and is coming to Steam in 2022.

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