Rainbow Six Siege introduces Sam Fisher as new Operator in Operation Shadow Legacy update

Rainbow Six Siege introduces Sam Fisher as new Operator in Operation Shadow Legacy update
Sadly, no, Fisher will not be able to shoot lasers from his forehead.

Classic Tom Clancy character to join Rainbow Six Siege's Operator roster

Two Tom Clancy legends come together in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy. The latest update from Ubisoft, Operation Shadow Legacy introduces Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher, updated optics, a new ping system, new gadget, and a host gameplay update and quality of life improvements.

A seasoned and grizzled Sam Fisher will be joining the Operator roster as an Attacker come next month. Under the callsign' Zero,' Fisher can equip an SC-3000K assault rifle or MP7 submachine gun as a primary weapon and a silenced 5.7 USG pistol as a sidearm. His new gadget, the Argus Launcher, can even deploy two-way cameras onto reinforced surfaces to peek through walls.

Despite the Argus Launcher's great potential for intelligence gathering, it isn't unbeatable, the cameras can be destroyed with one shot and make a distinct sound once deployed. Many Defenders' gadgets are also quite effective, such as those that intercept projectiles or EMPs and jammers.

Operation Shadow Legacy also revamps the Ping system with Ping 2.0. Now, pings are assigned to players by number and will change icons depending on what's highlighted, such as gadgets, traps, and drones, etc. There are also new sights and tweaks to existing weapon optics; the ACOG has been renamed to the '2.5x scope,' and a few Operators have had their optic choices changed.

Typically, each Defender would only have two reinforcements at their disposal to strengthen floors and walls. Shadow Legacy pools all reinforcements into a total of ten for any Defender to use. However, Attackers get the new Hard-breaching secondary gadget – which allows them to breach through any reinforced surface. EMP grenades have been nerfed to temporarily disable devices instead of destroying them, preventing a Defending team's best-laid plans from being totally steamrolled.

Players will also have a more detailed look at their performance with the new 'Siege Stats' and Match Replay features. Siege Stats gives players a better idea of where they need to improve with detailed information. 'Match Replay' is precisely what it says on the tin; players can rewatch their last twelve matches from any player's perspective or the spectator view.

'Chalet' has been reworked; the map now features new ways to get around, including a new staircase, basement hallways, and the ability to rappel all the way to the roof. Speaking of maps, Operation Shadow Legacy will feature a new 'Map Ban' phase that allows both teams to ban a single map.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy launches September, most likely near the 14th when the Operation Steel Wave ends.

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