Ragnorium Fantasy Colony Simulator Opens Doors to Other Dimensions

Ragnorium Fantasy Colony Simulator Opens Doors to Other Dimensions
If space doesn't open up possibilities then nothing ever will...

‘Ragnorium’ is a fantasy colony simulator that takes you to a different universe where space exploration has been privatized and technology has advanced far enough to allow people to explore space and colonize planets throughout the universe.

A downed ship on a red planet. Image by 'Ragnorium.'

You are put in charge of one of these colonies, and its success is now your responsibility. Nobody likes to be blamed for failure, so unless you wanna go down in the history books as an ignorant clown, you’d better make sure you are on the ball! 

There are a couple of key things to remember. First, you can create cloned colonists through a scientific procedure. Essentially, you can create people to colonize your colony with and make sure you have enough labor to keep everything running. 

Even crazier is the fact that when you create colonists you can customize them, and essentially program them to be good at specific functions. I know… Playing god is a risky business, but hey, no risk no reward!

Building and managing a settlement. Image by 'Ragnorium.'

Secondly, you need to make sure you and your colony are ready to fight off the ‘Crusaders.’ A ‘Sentient Machine’ is leading a ‘Holy Crusade’ against humanity and its colonies. As unbelievable as it may sound, that doesn't change the fact that you need to be ready to fight!

As you build your colony, you can advance through different “ages” or periods of technological advancement. As you advance you can level up all your constructions, weapons, processes, and way of life.

The game features RPG-like mechanics, meaning that there is resource collection, crafting, and decision-making. So far there are 6 different maps with different environments and features that will present unique challenges and benefits.

‘Ragnorium’ is developed by ‘Vitali Kirpu,’ and is available on Steam.

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