MTG Arena Wants Streamers To Stream Their Game

Stream MTG Arena and get rewarded!

MTG Arena is looking to expand their player base and they’re calling upon streamers and video content creators to help them do just that. Earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast tweeted to their followers, “It’s been really hard keeping this a secret, but we are now ready to announce the Wizards Creator Program!”

The Wizards Creator Program is part of MTG Arena’s overall marketing strategy. In short, they’ll not only reward members of the program but help promote them as well. This can be a huge boost for a player looking to take their viewership to the next level. Leading up to the official announcement, Nate Price, the community manager for Magic: The Gathering Arena, shared his thoughts on the idea of rewarding players. “We want to try and support our content creators in a way we, quite frankly, haven't really done before,” he said in a blog post. “We have so many passionate fans of our game, and we want to make it as easy and rewarding as possible for you to all help share that passion with the world.”

In order to be eligible, content creators must live in the United States or Canada. They must have a concurrent viewership of 50 or more on a platform such as Twitch or video views of 1,000 or more on site like YouTube. Eligible players must stream at least 4 hours of MTG Arena or upload at least 1 video involving the game per week. Finally, the content that is produced must form to Wizards of the Coast’s Code of Conduct as well as the Wizards Creator Program Terms of Service.

Wizards of the Coast has taken many steps to update and enforce their Code of Conduct. Account names cannot include profanity or offensive words. No obscene, sexual, or violent content is allowed. Members of the Magic: The Gathering community may not bully or harass others and agree to refrain from hateful speech. Players may also not impersonate others, encourage illegal activities, advertise third party sites, or alter the outcome of any games among other guidelines.

Streamers and content creators will receive immediate benefits from playing and promoting MTG Arena to their fans and followers. Wizards will support creators by featuring them on their website and social media as well as host their streams. MTG Arena Creators will also receive priority support and communication with a direct line to Wizards community team. Redeemable codes and in game content will also be provided to creators to reward them as well.

MTG Arena is hoping to continue incentivizing their network of content creators with future features such as early access to updates, unique in game indicators, and exclusive content. Interested gamers can apply online through the Wizards Creator Program page.

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