Super Smash Bros: MKLeo is The Smash Factor 6 Grand Champion

Photo by Javier Leyvas
MKLeo playing Super Smash Bros. Photo by Javier Leyvas

MKLeo is the Smash Factor 6 Grand Champion

Echo Fox’s Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez took first place in Mexico's international Smash 4 tournament, “Smash Factor 6”. He breezed through his pools and bracket, and out of the other 318 attendants, only Mr. R was able to give him a run for his money. MKLeo’s only losses were to Mr. R and his own regular doubles partner (Javi), but Javi wasn’t able to take a full set. While his run through the lower ends of the bracket was fairly routine for this tournament champion, grand finals was way more tense and dramatic given the unique match up found between MKLeo and Mr. R.

MKLeo is known for his Metaknight, play, but in grand finals against Mr. R he decided to use Marth. What's interesting about this is the fact that Mr R’s Marth play is also legendary. MKLeo was going to use this man's main against him! 

Instead of opting into the 'mirror match', Mr R decided to go with Sheik as he has been playing a lot of Sheik lately, and she is much higher on everyone's tier list compared to Marth. But despite R’s encyclopedic knowledge of the fire-emblem fighter, picking a top tier character, and very calculated counterplay, MKLeo was able to snatch victory with Mr. R's signature character! Perhaps since Leo’s only loss was to R he realized the Metaknight match up wasn’t in his favor and decided to fight fire with fire. In the end, the choice got him the first place share of the $50,000 prize pool. It's excellent that Leo was able to take another serious win in Mexico, but two out of his last  three placings in American tournaments has been lack luster, getting 65th at Evo and 17th at Dreamhack Atlanta. Hopefully now the next time he comes to America those losses will be out of his mind.

Grand finals is worth watching and you can still catch it here on youtube:


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