Lost In Fantaland Shines Light on the World of Indie Retro Roguelites

Lost In Fantaland Shines Light on the World of Indie Retro Roguelites
Time to pull out the smarts that have yet to see the light of day...

‘Lost In Fantaland’ is a retro-pixel roguelite game that incorporates deck-building and turn-based gameplay. In other words, it’s a fairly old-school game. But hey, oldies can be goodies so it might be worth checking out!

A checkerboard-style map. Image by 'Lost In Fantaland.'

‘Lost in Fantaland’ is set on a checkerboard. You must explore the map, fight enemies, and uncover treasures in a methodical fashion. There are 3 different character classes for you to choose from. 

First is the ‘Warrior,’ which will be right up your alley if you’re the smash, slash, and tear apart kinda player!

Second, there’s the ‘Mage.’ Mages use magic, so if you’re into that kinda thing, or maybe you just like turning people into frogs, consider turning your enemies into frogs and watching them hop away in fear! 

Build card decks for powers and abilities. Image by 'Lost In Fantaland.'

Thirdly, there is the ‘Deceiver’ class. The art of war is the art of deception, according to some ancient guy, so if you wanna win, you might wanna consider this class as a viable option.

The game utilizes checkerboard strategy-style gameplay with deck-building elements to allow you to customize your playstyle and approach each situation with the abilities and methods that you believe to be best. So knock yourself out and show your enemies what a strategic genius you are.

Maps and adventures are randomly generated to ensure that you have a fresh experience every time you play to keep the game challenging and interesting.

‘Lost In Fantaland’ is developed by 2 indie developers and is scheduled for quartile 3 release in 2022.

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