'Lost Eidolons' Turn-Based Tactical RPG Is A Gripping Cinematic Narrative Adventure!

'Lost Eidolons' Turn-Based Tactical RPG Is A Gripping Cinematic Narrative Adventure!
Nothing like slaying monsters if you wanna catch somebody's eye...

‘Lost Eidolons’ is a turn-based tactical RPG with an incredible cinematic narrative that takes place in an empire that is being torn apart by civil war.

Eden battling against a giant Manticore. Image by 'Lost Eidolons.'

You step into the shoes of a mercenary captain called ‘Eden.’ You need to lead your band of mercenaries onto the battlefield.

The game is set in the land of ‘Benerio,’ which used to be a thriving empire built by the sea. Things quickly changed when ‘Ludivictus,’ a military commander, set the empire ablaze with violence and war, turning it into a shadow of its former self that is now a bottomless pit of corruption and poverty.

As Eden, you have been forced to take on the role of commander of the rebel forces after your village was demolished by the war.

The imperial army is powerful and has terrible fighting alongside its troops. You and your forces need to stand strong against this mighty army and overthrow the corrupt new rulers of ‘Benerio.’

'Lost Eidolons' features a grid-based combat system. Image by 'Lost Eidolons.'

You need to position your soldiers strategically at the start of every battle using the game’s grid system. Smart positioning can help you to defeat superior enemy forces.

There are a number of different elemental abilities at your disposal that you can use to destroy castles, defeat monsters, and wipe out large numbers of enemies at a time.

Convincing people to join your rebel army and forming alliances with powerful friends are also key parts of ensuring victory over the imperial forces.

There are 20 playable characters and 10 different classes that you can choose from to help you build the ideal squad for your unique playstyle.

‘Lost Eidolons’ is developed by ‘Ocean Drive Studio Inc.,’ and is coming to Steam in 2022.

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