Kanex's GoPlay Sidekick Makes Console-Style Gaming Portable on Apple Products

The GoPlay Sidekick allows you to play games using a controller on your iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV

Kanex, a company that specializes in device connectivity Solutions, has recently released what is the equivalent of a travel- size gaming controller packaged in a case that conveniently has a slot with the express purpose of propping up your phone.

The controller, which was deliberately designed to look like older controllers, offers a " more refined level of control than your touchscreen," boasting features like pressure sensitive buttons, joysticks, trigger buttons, and a directional pad.

This controller, showing promise, is an awful lot like another Apple gaming controller the SteelSeries's Stratus. That device, however, received negative feedback, with people often saying it can't hold charge, it stops working after a few months, and that there are too few compatible games available that suit their tastes, making it not worth their money.

Though the latter is not easily addressed, the GoPlay sidekick may easily surpass the two former issues. As with any new technology, make sure it truly is worth your money before you buy, and be conscious of all the pros and cons.

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