‘Iron Vulture’ RTS - Will You Be The Quick Or The Dead?

‘Iron Vulture’ RTS - Will You Be The Quick Or The Dead?
The vultures will be circling over the battlefield soon!

‘Iron Vulture’ is a real-time strategy game with epic battles, evil enemies, and an army for you to lead to victory! Hordes of mutated zombies are attacking, and you need to lead the soldiers under your command, holding the line against the enemy and driving them back.

Fighting off the first of several enemy attack waves. Image by ‘Iron Vulture.’

The squad under your command consists of 6 soldiers, each with a unique set of skills, abilities, and equipment that will help your squad to defeat the hordes of mutant zombies that are attacking the people that you need to defend.

You also need to take each soldier’s abilities into account when placing your soldiers on the battlefield. Strategic placement based on unique skills and abilities is a crucial element of your war against zombies.

You need to command your soldiers in real-time as they fight, ordering them from lane to lane to stop the zombies, and ensuring that they are always backed up by a squaddie to make sure that the line never breaks! Once the line breaks, your mission is failed.

Taking on a giant boss during the final attack wave. Image by ‘Iron Vulture.’

There are over 30 different types of monsters that you will encounter on the battlefield, and at the end of every battle, you will need to defeat the level boss or risk losing it all… Monsters also have different powers and abilities, so you will need to develop a unique approach for defeating each type of monster.

The talent tree, tactical chips, and the cooking system can all be used to customize your soldiers and to build the ultimate death squad for monsters!

‘Iron Vulture’ is developed by ‘001Studios.’

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