Final Fantasy XV - Latest Developments

New Features, New Ideas

   Final Fantasy XV is closer than it used to be considering that 2016 is just around the corner (well, sort of). Scheduled for a worldwide release in 2016, the 15th installment in the Final Fantasy series is sure to leave people drooling at their screens just like the other games in the series.


 I'm sure some of you will be pleased to see some of the awesome things included in the latest game of the series, so here goes:

  • When it rains, the sunroof of Noctis' car automatically closes.
  • There are no Moogles in the game, due to their inability to "fit in" with the game's atmosphere.
  • Chocobos can be rented for ten to thirty days. You'll need a gil to rent them. While rented, they may be called upon at any time.
  • There are quest-like mini-games called “activities.” This include Chocobo races 
  • Fishing will have various rod and lure types
  • You can pre-set your four weapons and then change them in real time during battle
  • You cannot breed or raise Chocobos (*sad face*)
  • Chocobo's dash and jump improve by feeding them while camping.
  • It's possible to level up your cooking skills


The setting of Final Fantasy XV is quite interesting if you take a close look at it, I'm really curious as to how it will feel to actually play the game, what the general feeling of the world will be and how you will be able to interact with the world. In any case, the main plot goes as following:

 Final Fantasy XV is set in a world similar to modern-day Earth. The known land is divided between multiple nations, including Lucis, Tenebrae, Niflheim, Solheim and Accordo. Every nation except for Niflheim once held a crystal, giving them substantial political power, but wars conducted between them resulted in all but the Lucis crystal being lost. Under the protection of the crystal, Lucis develops into a modern, technologically advanced society, while all the other nations have regressed to medieval-like societies due to focusing on weapon development. The empire of Niflheim becomes Lucis' main enemy, waging war against it and other nations; by the game's beginning the entire world save for Lucis has fallen under Niflheim's domination. In the world of XV, people who have suffered a near-death experience are gifted with magical powers from the Unseen Realm, the realm of the dead ruled by the Goddess Etro. These powers include being able to foresee people's deaths. This power has both positive and negative effects on those who wield it. The Archean Titan is said to play a major role in the story; Archeans being found at geological formations known as Astral Shards imply a significant role of the powers of the stars onto the world of Final Fantasy XV, as they are said to be a star's manifestation into physical form


 The Plot of the game begins with an armistice that is declared between Lucis and Niflheim, ending the cold war which has raged over possession of the world's last crystal. A peace treaty is drawn up, and as part of the conditions, Noctis is to marry Lunafreya of Tenebrae. After Noctis leaves on the day the official treaty is to be signed, Niflheim invades Lucis and takes the nation's crystal for its own before launching attacks on Solheim, Tenebrae and Accordo. Noctis and his friends now journey to retrieve the kingdom's crystal and to defeat Niflheim's forces. 

Upon analyzing Final Fantasy XV's general setting and plot, one can easily say that all of this would be at least equal to the other games in the series, if not even better.  Square Enix (the developers & publishers) obviously have quite the talented team of writers and editors in order for all of this to work flawlessly, not to mention the effort of coming up with such a grandiose story.

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