Farthest Frontier Peels Pack the Shroud of Modern Technology to Reveal the Earth at its Roots

Farthest Frontier Peels Pack the Shroud of Modern Technology to Reveal the Earth at its Roots
If you're in trouble back home the frontier might be the perfect place for you!

The hardships of living on a frontier at the edge of civilization are something that many people today have never needed to experience.

Modern technology has made life much easier than it used to be in the ‘old days,’ reducing the risk of diseases, ensuring that people have ample food and a million other little things that make life easier.

The icy clutches of winter can prove deadly if citizens do not have enough food and firewood stored. Image by 'Farthest Frontier.'

Farthest Frontier’ places players in charge of a small group of people settling in a frontier village at the absolute edge of the known world.

The game is set hundreds of years ago, so technology is not nearly as advanced, but in a frontier town, even basic technology and medicine are not easy to acquire or create.

In ‘Farthest Frontier’ players must build a small village using raw materials harvested from the surrounding environment. They must forage for food, and ensure that crops are planted to be harvested for food. They must build houses and storage buildings, and craft basic tools and clothing that their people will need to get started.

Build up the town to become a bustling trade center and well-protected fortress. Image by 'Farthest Frontier.'

As they progress they can grow their settlement, plant more food and advance their technology. This will allow them to craft more advanced tools and better clothing, as well as better defenses for their town.

Resources that they cannot make or obtain locally can be sourced through trading the excess they have of resources that are bountiful in their area.

The town must be protected from attack, and they must also implement strategies to prevent disease and contain it if it does break out.

‘Farthest Frontier’ is developed by ‘Crate Entertainment’ and is available on Steam.

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