Everything We Know About Elder Scrolls VI

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Dragon fighting is a staple of Skyrim. Can Elder Scrolls VI top this?

Since the reveal trailer was released at E3 2018, many fans are excited for Elder Scroll VI. Although, Bethesda has shown almost no information about the game, leaving many wondering what to expect. Here’s everything we know about Elder Scrolls VI and what we might be seeing.

The Release Date

The game was teased back at E3 2018, but we were never told when we might get it.

There’s no set time on when the game will be out, but it will not come out until Starfield is released which will be, at earliest, sometime this year. As Todd Howard said in an interview with GameSpot, Bethesda’s releasing so many games at once, such as Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls: Blades, that we should “be very, very, patient.”

Also, in an IGN interview, Todd says he plans to focus on other releases before Elder Scrolls VI, trying to balance work on each series.

Is the Game Started

Elder Scrolls Online provides some amazing scenery, and Elder Scrolls VI will only build upon this.

Elder Scrolls VI is quite possibly not even in production yet. As previously stated, Todd Howard is focusing on other releases before starting work on Elder Scrolls VI.

As Pete Hines has said in an interview with Gameslice, Elder Scrolls VI is essentially on the backburner for other projects and won’t start development until other games are finished.

So, when will we see Elder Scrolls VI? Although uncertain, Bethesda has been hiring new game developers, which could mean they’ve finished production of Starfield and are looking for people to begin work on Elder Scrolls VI.


An image taken from the teaser trailer of Elder Scrolls VI shows us what the setting may be.

Although nothing is confirmed, user kaylenivy on Reddit enhanced the trailer to reveal what is believed to be Hammerfell, which is located directly southwest of Skyrim.

Hammerfell is home to the Redguards, a race of humans that are playable in previous games. So, if it is set in Hammerfell, we will be seeing much more of the Redguards and their storyline.

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is set in the Alik’r region of Hammerfell. The Alik’r also appeared in Skyrim during the “In My Time of Need” quest.


The Elder Scrolls games are known for their beautiful scenery, like this image.

There may be almost no information on the story of Elder Scrolls VI, but there is a history of Hammerfell, the theorized setting, on the Elder Scrolls Fandom Wiki. Hammerfell was first made up of various Aldmer and Elven coastal settlements and was eventually settled by the Rourken Clan of Dwemer.

Over time, the Ra Gada (Redguards) arrived from their homeland of Yokuda and took over the whole of Hammerfell. Yokuda had submerged underwater for an unknown reason, so the Redguards migrated to Hammerfell and rebuilt. There are many debates about the cause of Yokuda sinking, whether natural or man-made.

Long story short, after a huge civil war, the Aldmeri Dominion became in control of Hammerfell and became independent from the Empire.

What does this mean for Elder Scrolls VI? As we learn from Kematu in the Skyrim quest “In My Time of Need”, there are resistance efforts against the Aldmeri Dominion which controls Hammerfell. This could be incorporated into the game’s storyline, similar to the Skyrim Civil War.

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