Dying: 1983 Turns the Clock 6 Feet Down and 39 Years Back

Dying: 1983 Turns the Clock 6 Feet Down and 39 Years Back
Dying has never been this scary!

Solving puzzles is a part of everyday life for many people, whether it's engineers solving engineering problems, accountants balancing books, or a guy trying to figure out his girlfriend, there are plenty of puzzles to solve in life.

Talking to ghosts... Just another horrifying puzzle to solve to avoid death. Image by 'Dying: 1983.'

Most of the time, the puzzles that need to be solved are relatively reasonable and do not have immediate life or death consequences for the person trying to solve them. ‘Dying: 1983’ adds a whole new level of seriousness to puzzle-solving, where failure means death.

In ‘Dying: 1983’ players play as the main protagonist in first-person mode, and are required to explore a variety of 3D environments looking for a way to escape.

As they explore, players will be able to collect items or ‘props’ that they will be able to use to help them solve the puzzle required to help them escape the area and move on to the next one.

An eerily lit security x-ray room. Nothing scary about being here at all... Image by 'Dying: 1983.'

The game is built Metroidvania-style, with more of the map unlocking as players go along and complete the required puzzles. According to the developers, this game has 3 times more puzzles than the previous one, with hundreds of items that can be used to help players solve them. 

Additionally, the developers have stated that the game does not have a level system like the previous one, but rather, the entire map is interlinked, with areas locked off Metroidvania-style.

Players will come across a variety of strange interdimensional objects, and the environment will respond to fear with creatures that are worthy of being feared…

‘Dying: 1983’ is developed by ‘NEKCOM’ and is available on Steam.

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