The Division to receive Diablo-style update in hopes of saving it from extinction

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It’s been quite a while since The Division’s last update, and it’s about to receive a new one.

The Division was on everyone’s radar at release, but it quickly fizzled out as players returned to their other games such as Call of Duty or Destiny. Ubisoft immediately started moving things around with the introduction of The Division’s first raid, tweaking the power of certain weapon types and adjusting drop rates. That helped get its player base up, for a short time. The Division seems to have died out since then, but Ubisoft has a knack for bouncing back

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Ubisoft wants to give more power to the players while retaining the game’s balance.

It plans to achieve that through taking a page from Diablo’s book. Along with some clever moving around of numbers, players logging into The Division will be able to choose the difficulty of their world, something like Diablo’s torment levels. Ubisoft hopes this will lead to more diverse player builds, as well as the game feeling like a shooter again, and less like a grindfest.

It’s not just a difficulty adjustment.

Ubisoft plans to change the skills we all know and love, but only use a handful of. There are also reports of more weapon stat tweaks as well as the removal of the scavenger skill. Hopefully that leads to a meaningful fix of the loot drop system, something players have complained about since day one. After level 30, you will supposedly be able to enter a new tier of difficulty that has a greater chance of awarding you with gear that rolls with all 3 of the main stats, a phenomenon that remains incredibly rare in The Division now. Update 1.4 will have to be a good one, because with it comes the postponing of the next expansion, Survival, which will have to wait until early 2017.

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