'City Bus Manager' Bus Management Simulator Puts Your Management Skills Through the Wringer

'City Bus Manager' Bus Management Simulator Puts Your Management Skills Through the Wringer
Just a small taste of the logistical nightmare that is public service provision...

‘City Bus Manager,’ is an urban bus management and planning simulator.

In ‘City Bus Manager,’ you need to build a bus depot and plan and construct all the bus routes for your town or city.

You can pick any town or city in the world (except China) to set up your bus company. You need to build your depot, and then start figuring out the bus routes and timetables. Recreating official bus routes and schedules is an option. Alternatively, you can do your own thing and set up a completely different set of routes and timetables.

All the ins and outs of running a bus company are included in the game. You need to sell tickets from a service center, service and clean your buses, and pay your drivers and station staff. The game also allows you to build all the necessary related facilities and amenities, including parking spaces, garages, washing stations, warehouses, and more!

Effective management of your bus depots is crucial to successfully manage the city's bus service.

You need to make sure that you keep your customers AND your staff happy if you want to ensure the survival of your company. There are a host of different types of buses that are intended to make the game as realistic and immersive as possible.

Hiring and firing all the necessary staff is up to you. Make sure that you have enough mechanics to keep the buses running well. Choose staff carefully and make sure they keep working hard and stay honest.

The game features real satellite data, bus stops, and points of interest from ‘OpenStreetMap,’ to make it even more realistic.

‘City Bus Manager,’ is developed by ‘PeDePe GbR,’ and is coming to Steam in November 2022.


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