'Circus Electrique' RPG Is An Whirlwind of Circuses, Tactics, and Mystery

'Circus Electrique' RPG Is An Whirlwind of Circuses, Tactics, and Mystery
The circus performers are no longer a joke to laugh at...

‘Circus Electrique’ is a story-driven RPG game that includes circus management and tactical elements.

‘Circus Electrique’ is set in a Victorian steampunk London where the people of the city are turning into vicious killers and monsters overnight. Only the performers of the greatest show in the city, the ‘Circus Electrique,’ stand a chance against them. Thus it falls to them to fight back against Londoners gone bad.

Your lineup of circus heroes will include strongmen, clowns, fire blowers, and a host of other performers that are typically found in the world’s biggest circuses. The hordes of horrifying monsters and killers will be made up of everyone from the baker’s wife to sailors, bobbies, and a number of other Victorian archetypes!

Circus performers facing off against infected people. Image by 'Circus Electrique.'

There are a total of 15 circus archetypes for you to play with. You will need to face off against hordes of enemies using the tactical turn-based combat system. You can create unique squad builds with different perks and strengths. Using powerful combinations of performers will make it much easier to win against the city’s killer hordes.

As you travel and fight monsters, you need to keep running the circus like a normal circus with regular performances, as well as recruitment of new performers from the remaining citizens of London who have not yet been turned. 

The better you run the show, the more money you’ll make. And you need money to fund your quest and to keep the performers fed and happy!

‘Circus Electrique’ is developed by ‘Zen Studios,’ and is coming to Steam in September 2022.

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