Build Epic Fantasy Game Maps With the Dungeon Alchemist AI-Powered Map Builder

Alchemy is the art of turning crap into gold, essentially...
Alchemy is the art of turning crap into gold, essentially...

The fascinating process of game development or level design is something that is never too far away in the life of an avid gamer. However, the knowledge and skills to actually build games and maps are not necessarily part of the everyday gamer’s repertoire, making the idea of building them nothing more than a fantasy.

A furnished house built with 'Dungeon Alchemist.' Image by 'Dungeon Alchemist.'

‘Dungeon Alchemist’ is an AI-powered fantasy map creator built with the goal in mind to allow anyone to create epic fantasy game maps with minimal knowledge and experience, bringing all the fun of creating without the work of having to learn and develop the skills generally required for it in the gaming industry. 

This allows for hobby map creation with a minimal time investment, because time is money and money is more important than fun for many of the human ants scrambling to make a living on planet Earth.

‘Dungeon Alchemist’ has a range of unique features, allowing creators to pick a theme for a section of the map, or even the entire map, and then build on it from there.

A 1-room house out in the woods. Image by 'Dungeon Alchemist.'

When creating a specific type of room the AI will place appropriate furniture and decorations so that the creator does not have to spend ages trying to place furniture when they could be building an epic map. 

This allows the focus to be on how the map is laid out and flows, lending itself to building better-flowing games with creative maps that will be more engaging for players and boost game popularity.

AI prop placement, inspired themes, and the ability to tweak every feature until it is perfect is the central theme of the ‘Dungeon Alchemist’ software and gives it its unique functionality and creative power.

‘Dungeon Alchemist’ is developed by ‘Briganti’ and is scheduled for a March 2022 release on Steam.

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