Best Fallout 4 Mods for Hardcore Role Playing

The Best Fallout 4 Mods for Hardcore Roleplaying


Bethesda’s ambitious open-world games have sparked gamers imaginations since Elder Scrolls went into 3D graphics with Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Modding communities are online communities of gaming fans who tweak, polish, and sometimes work on huge overhaul project for their favorite PC games. The biggest advantage PC gamers used to have over console gamers has been the ability to mod and get more out of their games (this is starting to change).


The Fallout franchise continues to remain some of the most popular games to mod. Even with Fallout 4’s mixed performance, players still put hours and hours into getting the most out of these worlds.


For hardcore role playing fans, the modding community has just about anything to make the game harder and more exciting.


What is Hardcore Roleplaying


Role-Playing is creating a character in the game world that is your avatar with whatever abilities and characteristics you have given them. Most players are content with the regular stats, skills, and abilities. There are others who enjoy making elaborate backstories for their character, giving some meaning to their journey and a source for their abilities.


The “hardcore” in hardcore roleplaying is the dedication a player has to giving their character more story, enhancing the game world, and often making the game world as difficult as possible to imagine what it would be like if the game took place in the “real world.”


FO4 is the perfect fit for these gamers with its post-apocalyptic open-world. Due to the lack of choices and straight-forward first person shooter aspects in FO4, many modders have worked on changing them game back to its hardcore RPG routes.


Best Fallout 4 Mods for Gamers Looking for Hardcore RP Experience


Here are some of the top rated and most intense modes taken from Nexus Mods:


Brutality Hardcore Rebalance


The aim of this mod is to make the base FO4 gameplay more thrilling and immersive by increasing the brutality of the combat and damage system.


Guns and other weapons are rebalanced and hit much harder. The player and NPCs will have harder time standing up in a gunfight in this one.

Download Brutality here. 

Immersive Scrapping


Have you been wandering the Wasteland lately looking to cash in your junked cars only to get 10 metal for each car? How unrealistic is that? There’s tons of parts to a car.


In “Immersive Scrapping” each piece of scrap has a more realistic, and often higher, scrapping value added to it. So no more 50 tin cans worth 15 pieces of aluminum.

Download Immersive Scrapping here. 

True Storms: Wasteland Edition


Always a favorite addition to Bethesda games, the True Storms mod ironically gives a breath of fresh air to the FO4 atmosphere.


Weather effects and storms occur more often and more intensely. Radiation storms also increase in intensity, as it should be in a radiation-filled wasteland.

Download True Storms for Fallout 4 here. 




Thanks to the new settlements feature players have been building thriving communities in the Commonwealth. Now you can take advantage of all the empty space between the already existing settlements.


Conquest lets you plant and build up to 10 new settlements anywhere you want. Each settlement starts a a campsite, which you can also dismantle as you travel.


Downloard Conquest on the Fallout 4 Nexus here. 


When placing a campsite for a potential new settlement always pay attention to the surrounding area, especially if you want to make a large town with many settlers.

These popular FO4 mods give you a better hardcore RPG run through. Pair these with the in-game “Survival Mode” and you will have an immersive and difficult, but exciting game.


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