Beauty & The Beast Movie: 5 Fast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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You may know the words to the song, but do you know these facts? Read on to learn five things you didn't know about Disney's 2017 Beauty and The Beast.

Beauty & The Beast Movie: 5 Fast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You might know the song, but do you know how the beast was brought to life?

Are you a die hard Disney fan? Bet you don’t know these five facts about how your favorite animated movie came to life. Read on to find out who played their role two times! The movie brings back everyone to their childhood. Here are five things you may have not known about 2017’s Beauty And The Beast.

5) Want a castle?

The cost to have a real castle, exactly like the one in Beauty and The Beast would cost approximately $16 million, and would take up 90 acres of land! Replacing all of the furniture, such as candles, clocks and dusters, as well as the estate included  would add up to 27,548.66 in total, not including mortgage! Just imagine monthly payments for the castle! Water, heat... I wonder if Prince Adams is sitting in debt right now, considering that all of his enchanted dishware and wardrobe items have turned human again. Is the castle now empty, and how does he plan on replacing it all? Disney, we’re looking to you for answers!

4) Dancin’... on stilts?

The actor who played the beast (Stevens) wore a 40 pound prosthetic suit, with visual effect indicators that tracked his every move. Talk about futuristics. Stevens also walked around on ten inch stilts the entire time! Waltzing in stilts? Yikes!

3) He did it twice!


The actor had to play his part twice while on set. Confused? Here’s the explanation. In order to ensure the beast came to life properly, his facial expressions and body movements had to be filmed completely separate. That means, from that awe inspiring roar, to the dance in the ballroom, the performer did it twice. On ten inch heels.

4) The dress everyone wants to own...

Everyone is probably enthralled with Belle’s dress. From the flowing material, to the joy Emma Watson ( Belle) must have had from twirling in it- the dress is stunning. If you care to own the exact copy, you will be unhappy to hear that the creation of the dress cost the creators an astounding  12,000 hours to make, and the top layer consisted of 2,160 swarovski crystals, costing almost $18,000 alone! That is a hefty price to pay! The dress itself was crafted out of silk organza fabric, as well as intricate detailing such as printed tiny gold leaves. Emma Watson stunned crowds worldwide in her dress, though it is quite pricey for us common folk to get our hands on an exact replica.

1) A healthy diet

Can you imagine Luke Evans (Gaston) eating raw eggs to prepare for the role? Believe it or not, that is exactly the level of commitment the actor had! The performer even went to the lengths of buying a mirror, and telling himself how gorgeous he was every day. The actor was reportedly overjoyed to play this role, and loved being able to be so narcissistic.

On top of the casts superior acting and dedication, there was a lot of effort put into the film. Over $20 million was spent on the movie, and the money went into designing and bringing all aspects of the beast and his castle to life. The library alone has been estimated to have contained over 70,000 books. Fortunately for die hard fans, such a library does exist in Austria, and is known as the Admont Alley. The live action Beauty and The Beast hit select theaters on Thursday, March 16th, and premiers worldwide March 17th, despite a select few locations where a release has been postponed.

Be sure to head on out this weekend to watch this movie, to see the castle, the library- and of course, to relive the enchanting tale that is “old as time”. From breathtaking dance numbers, as well as the food presented to Belle, the movie is a masterpiece. Don’t miss out- this is definitely a must watch.

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