The Average Age of a Gamer Is 35 Years Old

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According to studies, the average age of a gamer is 35 years old.

Gamers are growing up

With the average gamer being 35 and with that number slowly rising, it is clear that the decade old stereotype of game addicted teens is growing old as well. As the average gamers is an adult with a regular job, according to reports, it is also interesting to note that the average age is only rising.

Why is this happening? Most likely because of how vast the gaming industry has become. With dozens and dozens of genres to choose from, a potential gamer has no problems finding something they like and, according to surveys, about 45% of adult gamers spend their time playing with their family members as a sort of bonding experience

There is a multitude of gaming systems to choose from.

Many platforms attract many players

In the past decade, the gaming industry has grown faster than ever before. With a multitude of platforms to choose from, it can satisfy any gamer out there, from the console-playing couch-based soccer mom, to the intensely-competitive PC eSports athlete.

As most of the average-aged gamers of today have probably grown up playing games on old Atari systems, Sega Mega Drives and Nintendos in the 90’s, the new technology might seem like light years more advanced than what they’ve seen ever before. Perhaps this is why gaming is so appealing to a wider, more mature audience today?

Upcoming: Smach Z The Handheld PC Gaming Console Steam

One of the newest platforms coming out soon.

Teen nerds with glasses are a stereotype of the past

When the gaming industry was evolving, it was mostly a past-time for the privileged few who could afford it, or for the nerdy teenagers who would play them in arcades. As the technology grew, so did accessibility, with the average gamer being able to play virtually any game they like even on their iPhone or a portable gaming system such as Nintendo DS. 

The other reason is that you can now afford a complete gaming system for a fair amount of money and a lot of gamers opt for a cheaper gaming console in lieu of an expensive gaming PC. As gaming PCs were a necessity for gamers in the past, this is no longer the case. With true virtual reality basically around the corner, the industry’s audience is slowly growing more mature, more expansive and more social with every decade and it doesn’t seem like its going to slow down any day soon.


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