The 5 Things We Want from Shenmue III

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Shenmue is known to those familiar with it as the forefather of the modern-day RPG. With the amount of people to talk to and the number of tasks available to those playing, there was an abundance of content for the player to experience.

Here are some of the more important features players are looking for in Shenmue III:

1. An Epic Story

Fans of the series have always talked about enjoying the depth of the story in Shenmue I and II. The story of Ryo Hazuki on a quest for vengeance brings up feelings of nostalgia for many players. One player on YouTube stated “I wouldn’t have even cared if they used Dreamcast graphics, I’m just excited to play the game.”

When it comes to a long-awaited sequel in a popular game series, a well-written story that gets players emotionally invested is a must. It must grab their attention and make them feel for the characters they are in control of.

2. Improved Combat Gameplay (Kung Fu)

Shenmue 70 Man Battle | Combo Highlights | The Kenjito Master by Shenmue Fans

While the combat system of Shenmue was ahead of its time, Shenmue III’s battle system will need to have revamped controls to compete with other titles. One thing players would like to see are more realistic fight scenes. When it comes to his fighting style of Kung Fu, having Ryo Hazuki gain access to at least 50 different fighting moves would give players a more immersive feel to the fighting.

Many games are plagued with a clunky AI, some enemies running around in circles for no reason during fights. Improved AI combat is a must for the third installment. Players want a challenge, not dummies that just stand around waiting to be hit. Each enemy’s response to being hit should also vary so that players don’t get bored of a routine or predictable set of expressions opponents have when taking damage.

With Shenmue III being presented in an RPG style, a progression systems where players can unlock different Kung Fu moves makes sense. Having to unlock special moves to get past certain bosses would also add to the feel of the Shenmue universe.

Nobody likes a repetitive boss battle that is just like the last. Fans hope to have exciting and challenging battles every time they come up against a different boss.

In a recent video published to Shenmue III’s Kickstarter, creative director Yu Suzuki had this to say about the game’s combat system:

“…it will take the form of a puzzle game that anyone can play, with a strong emphasis on choreography.”

3. Interesting NPCs

In Shenmue II, there were a total of 195 NPCs who each had their own small story in the game. With part 3 expected to have at least 300, fans are hoping to run into more than a few side characters with an interesting backstory. In the past, many of them had a big impact on Ryo Hazuki’s life and how he perceived the world after meeting them. More than a few will likely have an impact on the young man during his journey.

4. At Least 100 Hours of Gameplay

Developers today go to great efforts to ensure their RPG has a high replay value as well as a long and enthralling story. With the Shenmue series known for its ability to keep players entertained for hours on end, part 3 needs to keep players even busier than the previous two titles in the series.

5. Five to Ten Epic Boss Fights

In every martial arts movie ever made, there was always one big baddy that the hero fought. The same can be said of martial arts video games, but with more time to fill, having more than 1 ‘big boss’ to find can make the experience that much better.

Keep an eye out for the release of Shenmue III sometime in 2018.

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