15 Skyrim Armour Mods You Should Be Using Right Now

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A High Elf adorned in modded Heavy Armor. Modders have birthed many heroic armour-pieces.

With 40,000 + Skyrim Mods Out There, Armor Mods Are Among the Most Popular

That’s right. As of 2017, there are over 40,000 Skyrim mods circling the web via huge modding communities such as Nexus. When typing “best Skyrim mods” into YouTube – or briefly giving some YouTuber’s favourite mods list a look-over – you’ll probably find that most have an armour mod that they just can’t do without. With that popularity of armour mods in-mind, we’ll walk you through 10 you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

15. Northgirl Armor UNP and Retexture

TES V - Skyrim Mods: Northgirl Armor UNP

clethcleth and Gamwich’s Northgirl Armour is a mod for the Nordic woman. It’s essentially light-armoured winterwear – a must-have in a province with so much Tundra, and comes in either red, black, or white. It’s rather shapely too.

You can download clethcleth/Gamwich/anka01’s mod here

One-part winter sweater, one-part light armour. A Breton and Nord pose in Northgirl winterwear.

A high-elf, looking rather fashionable in some all-new winter-clothing.

14. Nordic Wanderer Equipment

TES V - Skyrim Mods: Nordic Wanderer Equipment

Billyro’s simple addition to the Skyrim armoury brings a single – yet visually solid – set of Nordic armour – for male and female player characters – along with two new swords. An essential mod, if you truly want your Nordic protagonist to look like he belongs in Sovengarde.

Download Billyro’s mod here.

A Nord posing in shiny, visually-pleasing wanderer’s armour.

Although designed for wanderers, Nordic Wanderer armour is heavy-set and can take a good punching.

13. Artifacts – The Breton Paladin

Skyrim Mod: Paladin Armor Set & Artifacts 

Aimed at aspiring Paladins – although not exclusively for them – FrankFamily’s The Breton Paladin is a full armour set inspired by the Nights of the Nine Oblivion DLC. Its heroic design is based off of Skyrim's original concept art for the Bretons of High Rock.

Download FrankFamily’s mod here.

The Breton Paladin borrows its aesthetic from original Skyrim concept art of the Bretons.

Shiny and heavy. The Breton Paladin armour set is also inspired by the knights’ armour of Oblivion’s Nights of the Nine DLC.

12. Merta Assassin Armor

Xbox Release - Merta Assassin Armor - Skyrim: Special Edition Mods (PC/Xbox One)

Merta armour – by Deserter X and Mitosuke – is a rather scanty set of armour – emphasising sleekness (and booty) for the sake of visual appeal. Add some kickass heels to that appeal by also downloading the HDT High Heels System mod.

Download Deserter X and Mitosuke’s mod here.

Swords and sexy…the Merta assassin armour is a little too revealing for actual protection. It has a rather interesting aesthetic however.

There's something of a visual emphasis on this armour-set.

11. Lustmord Vampire Armor

Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Lustmord Vampire Armour

Although demanding that you complete a preliminary modded quest first – titled Lost Tongue Overlook – the Lustmord Vampire Armor is worthwhile for those siding with the vampires on the Dawnguard DLC – or just playing the plain-old vampire. AmethystDeciver’s mod creates an additional incentive for blood consumption for vampire role-players, in requiring blood potions for armour bonuses.

Download AmethystDeciever’s mod here.

Dedicated, bloodsucking follower of fashion. The Lustmord vampire armour carries a gothic and fairly modern visual character.

Cowl and cloak. One of Skyrim’s vampires, donned up in Lustmord metal gear.

10. Resplendent Armor and Greatsword

DARK SOULS INSPIRED - Skyrim Mods - Resplendent Armor and Greatsword

For fans of Dark Souls who are more-so accustomed to walking in the shoes of a Chosen Undead: sarcasticshark’s Resplendent Armor is modelled off that difficult dungeon-crawler. Not only is it reminiscent of that distinct Dark Souls graphical quality: but the accompanying Greatsword uses battle-axe animations, meaning you’ll be swinging all-the-more like the Chosen Undead.

Download sarcasticshark’s mod here.

Resplendent Armour is largely inspired by the knights of Dark Souls.

Despite not being lore-friendly: the Resplendent Armour looks as though it could’ve belonged to any Knight of the Nine.

9. Yet Another Guard Armor


Creating even more of a Norse mythological feel in the Nordic homeland: Vaultman30’s Yet Another Guard Armor gives the guards of Skyrim’s holds Viking garb. It covers shields, helmets, boots, and torsos. If you want one for yourself, you’ll have to bludgeon that Whiterun guard over there when no one’s looking…

Download Vaultman30’s mod here.

Completing the game's many allusions to Norse mythology: YAGA brings Viking-inspired armour to Skyrim’s guards.

The Viking armour varies to suit specific holds across Skyrim.

8. The Gifts of Akatosh

GODLIKE ARMOR - Skyrim Mods - The Gifts of Akatosh (PC | XBOX One)

Bringing you a brand-new armour and weapon set – including shield, dagger, axe, Warhammer, and sword – Corvalho and Rafael De Jongh present you items blessed by the God Akatosh himself (one of the nine Divines). Bearing in mind you must craft the armour with your own two hands – using the new ingot: The Blessed Metal of Akatosh,

Download Corvalo’s/Rafael De Jongh’s mod here.

One of Akatosh’s gifts is an abrasive blade, crafted from the Blessed Metal of Akatosh.

Gifts of Akatosh comes in male and female models.

7. Armour of Intrigue

Skyrim Mod: Armour of Intrigue

Armour of Intrigue – brought to you by Patobek – claims to be one of the most detailed armour mods on the whole Nexus. It’s not difficult to see why. Armour of Intrigue will lend the Dovahkiin a dark, secretive air, with its black cloak and cowl. Despite the cloak-and-dagger look, it still works for any class.

Download Patobek’s mod here.

Armour of Intrigue definitely brings an air of mysticism…

Although appearing more-so like garb for thieves and mages, Armour of Intrigue is suitable for any class.

6. Medusa Drakul armors and Thanatos Dragon

Skyrim Mod: Medusa & Drakul Armours & Thanatos Dragon

Designed by Zerofrost Satyr for male and female player characters respectively, the Medusa Drakul and Thanatos Dragon armours are designed to give you something of a monstrous quality. Both are based off characters out of Greek mythology. Medusa Drakul – for the ladies – is an infamous snake-haired monster and Thanatos a winged personification of death – although both will have you looking deadly. It also replaces Odaaviing with a model of Thanatos – bring more ancient mythology to Nord land.

Download Zerofrost Satyr’s mod here.

The monster of Greek mythology Medusa. The Medusa Drakul half of Zerofrost Satyr’s armour set.

Thanatos – the male armour is in the likeness of the Greek mythological personification of death.

5. Bosmer Armour Pack

Skyrim Mod: Bosmer Armor Packs

Introducing five new wood-elf-modelled sets of armour for archers: Maty743’s armour pack is designed to enamour nightblades and thieves. The armours range from sleek Bosmer reinforced armour to skull and bone-engraved Wild hunting apparel.

Download Maty743’s mod here.

The Bosmer armour pack endears thieves and sneaks to its armourset.

The Bosmer’s wild hunting apparel is enamoured in the bones of various prey.

4. Tera Armors Collection

Skyrim: TERA Armors Collection 1.91

Entirely un-Lore friendly –though friendly for fans of Korean MMORPGs – the Tera Armors Collection, by asianboy345, meshes the worlds of Tamriel and Tera. It does this through the introduction of a sizeable 64 new armours (23 heavy armours, 28 light armours, and 13 robes) based off armours in the Tera game-world.  While not strictly adhering to Skyrim’s Norse aesthetic, they certainly look cool – especially if you’re fond of Asian fantasy.

Download asianboy345’s mod here.

Asianboy345 brings apparel inspired by Tera’s expansive online game-space. You know Ju Jitsu!

Tera is a giant Korean MMORPG, making for a fairly interesting mashup with Nirn lore.

3. Practical Female Armors

SKYRIM: Practical Female Armors

For those who thought Skyrim’s girl armour to be a bit too shapely for comfort, this mod brings a little gender equality into TES V. JZBai’s Practical Female Armours hastily hides those revealing segments, making female armour more like their male counterparts.

Download JZBai’s mod here.

Before and After. Practical Female Armours does away with revealing bits.

Women carry more of a warrior-quality.


Skyrim Mod: ARMONIZER - Armours Pack

Bringing with it a hefty 34 armours to the Skyrim arsenal, Keteroz’s Armonizer is another community-built armour compilation. Among the new additions: The Emperor’s cape and armour set – if you want to look a little more imperial – and Thalmor Guardian armour.

Download Keteroz’s mod here.

Armonizer presents well-textured additions to Skyrim’s wardrobe from various parts of the modding community.

Armonizer’s collection delivers in variety. A Nord adorned in a new armour-set.

1.Immersive Armours

Immersive Armors - Skyrim: Special Edition Mods (PC)

With 396 new shields and 55 new full sets of armour, Immersive Armors might be one of Nexus’ most ambitious armour collections. Hothtrooper44’s armour collection has earned #1 most endorsed armour mod: and that’s largely down to its variety and versatility in compiling the best of Skyrim’s modded armour sets conveniently into one place.

Download Hothtrooper44’s mod here.

A Nord looks far more Jarl-like than he otherwise might have done in the vanilla game.

Fire on the Frost Troll. Some Nord looking bigger and beefier, in brand new garb.

From merely expanding on existing armour in-lore to bridging armours from different game franchises entirely: these armour mods allow for a much more expansive feel to Tamriel’s garb. While there are literally thousands more on modding sites such as Nexus, we hope we’ve successfully compiled a few of the choicest cuts.

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