13 Things Only PC Gamers Would Understand

13 Things Only PC Gamers Would Understand
Wear it proudly. Only the chosen ones have it.

1. Just a few more minutes

“Only a little more and it will be the save point.”, or “I’ll just finish this one quest before getting back to work.”, or “It’s 9:46 AM. I’ll shut it down at 10:00 AM to make things exact.” Sounds familiar? Bet you've used some of these lines before. Saving game progress is very important and it's really irritating when you're interrupted and you haven’t reached the next save point yet. Every gamer needs a few more minutes to get to the next chapter or level so as not to waste everything they’ve accomplished.

2. Virtual world is as important as the real world

Getting rep points and medals in-game is like getting professional certification. Gamers spend hours, and even weeks in training to become a field expert. Credibility works the same way in the virtual and real world: the more achievements and awards earned, the greater the respect from the community. Some of the most respected gamers get rewarded with freebies and even jobs.

3. Spending money on upgrading PC like it’s their soulmate

PC gamers aren't really bothered if they don’t have date on weekends. As long as their ever-loyal computers are with them, they couldn’t care less. That’s why just like a real-life partner, gamers invest in their computers by upgrading them regularly to keep them in top condition.

When you have an exquisitely gorgeous partner, what do you do? You tell the world how proud you are that you’ve got yourself the most dazzling girl (or boy) in the world. It’s the same for gamers and their beloved PCs. The more games they can run on max settings, the more bragging rights they get.

4. Have more friends online than in real life

Here’s a rough estimate of how the social network a gamer looks like: online friends – 1,791; real life friends – 8, including siblings and parents.

Who cares about personal meetups when there’s online video conferencing and live chatting. A set of camera, headphones, and a stable internet connection is enough to get together with friends from across the world.

5. Experiencing withdrawal syndrome when hands are not on the keyboard

Games are gamers' addiction, obviously. The more you game, the more hooked you get. After finishing one, the next one must be ready. If the queue runs out of supply, gamers will experience anxiety, burst of anger, itching of the hands, and even sleepless nights.

6. Unintentionally getting a diet

Time passes quickly when in front of their PCs, like a time portal warping them away from mealtime. A quick meal to start the day right would do. Just some snacks and water is enough to keep them going. The picture shows how they define 'some snacks'.

7. Sleep is for the weak

Many gamers are nocturnal beings; most are active at night and asleep during the day. Some have normal body clock, playing at the break of dawn until dusk only. There are rare breeds though who can play straight for 24 hours, seldom alloting break times for peeing.

Sleep is the time for their brains to figure out unsolved game puzzles or how to defeat the boss that frustrated them all day. It’s also the time to contemplate if they will continue with their current character builds or start from scratch. Gamers’ minds are in action 24/7.

8. Gaming as a sport

Just like in any sports, PC gaming exercises the body and mind of a gamer. The hands do workout pressing WASD and the brain calculates every possibility of where the next target will appear. Research even confirms the benefits of gaming in enhancing hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills.

The exponential growth of gamers gave birth to e-sports tournaments and conventions. The industry is really flourishing with tons of sponsors diving in the trend. Tournaments have become extremely popular that the grand prize in some even reached a million dollars – even bigger than many contact sports.

Back then, mastery of a game was just for bragging rights. Now, it has become an avenue to become a millionaire.

9. PC is the master race

PC gamers firmly believe that PCs are the ultimate gaming machine. For one, there are advanced graphics settings to adjust shadows, bloom, filtering, texture details, water reflections, ambient occlusion – name it and the PC has it. Resolution can be set to full HD or even 4K, depending on the capacity of the display. Games run in 60fps and even higher on more powerful rigs.

Not downplaying the console counterparts, but they can only display 720p and run games in 30fps – not really on par with a PC. PC is simply the lord of gaming. Everything else is just a derivative.

10. Gaming is a task

Just like brushing teeth, washing clothes, or doing household chores, gaming is a part of a gamer’s daily routine that should be regularly and diligently done. It’s more than just a hobby played for leisure. Grinding, hunting, doing quests, selling items, and boss fighting are some of the responsibilities they have to do regularly.

11. W, A, S, and D are the most useful letters of the alphabet

If you can still see these letters in your keyboard, you’re not gaming enough.

Don’t get mistaken, the other letters are also really important: letter ‘I’ is for accessing inventory, ‘M’ for map, ‘J’ for journal log, and ‘Shift’ is used for running. The numbers are for switching weapons or using potions.

12. Tons of backlogs of games

A game collection is like a bookshelf for gamers. There should be a –phila word invented for gamers who likes to see their libraries full of games. Just like any other collection, it’s a sight for them to see their stash of games.

Tons of unplayed games in the library? A gamer will play all of them. Well, maybe after some time, so it better be there just in case.

13. They know more keyboard shortcuts

Since everything is fast-paced, gamers need to memorize a lot of hotkeys. They know more than just Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Can you relate to any of these? Share us your experience by posting a comment below.

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