10 Moments Video Games Were Featured in Movies and TV Shows

10 Moments Video Games Were Featured in Movies and TV Shows
Video Game Moments In TV and Movies

An Homage to Video Game Moments in Movies and TV! Making the Gamer-Life look good. (PC)

For a gamer, there is nothing like sitting down watching your favorite show or watching the latest flick and seeing a video game reference. It justifies your decision to spend countless hours sitting in front of your PC gaming. Even when movies and tv show the stereotypical gamer; the one who hasn’t showered in weeks, eats way too much chips and drinks energy drinks like water it makes us happy.

With the recent rise of eSports it has never been as cool to be a gamer. Seriously, you can play video games professionally now. Gaming has cemented itself into our lives sneaking their way into movies and television. It might be a split second, a whole scene, or an entire film or episode devoted to the video game genre. These are the moments from the big and small screen featuring video games. 

10) CSI NY granted a "Second Life"

8) Doom 2 vs The ER

Keeping an ER running is hard work protecting Earth from monsters from Hell is even harder. In one of the most memorable episode of ER- Hell and High Water the medical staff at County General didn’t just slay sickness they also killed monsters in Doom 2. Many people remember this as the one where George Clooney, NO Batman- I mean Dr. Doug Ross rescues a kid stuck in a storm drain from drowning in a tuxedo. While his co-workers at County General ER try and defeat their rival hospital Mt. Sinai at Doom 2. 

7) Call Of Duty in ‘The Office’

There is nothing like playing FPS multiplayer with your friends. It’s a great way to level up your teamwork and create your own little “Band of Brothers.”  In an effort to bond as a team to make the office more efficient the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company they play some Call of Duty. Jim turns out to be a noob in the season 3 episode The Coup.

Let’s pause here a minute, because the next two on this list are about none other than Leeroy Jenkins. If you don’t know who Leeroy Jenkins is well, he is a WoW player character who foolishly runs headfirst into a battle. Essentially getting his entire Guild killed who had developed a pretty elaborate plan while he was AFK making chicken. Unaware of the plan he returns to his keyboard says, “alright chums let’s do this, LEEROY JENKINS” and runs into battle. Pretty much angering his entire guild, getting them all killed and isn’t even sorry about it. He just says, “At least I have chicken”. 

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