Top 11 Demon Games You Need To Check Out

Demon Games
Face Your Demons—and Those of Hell—in These Terrifying Demonic Games

Defeat the darkness, or join it!

Demons are the ominous lurking entity in the dark, the scary monsters under our beds and in our closets, and the monsters of our nightmares.

Perfect video game material. From ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to modern day religion, demons have been a part of human history for centuries.

They’re the perfect enemy and sometimes even the shadowy hero. Read on to discuss the top 11 demon games.

11. Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame gameplay

Possessed by a flame demon, you play as a mercenary in a world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their army of the dead. The goal of the game is to liberate the Worldheart from the Ice Lords, but with a demonic twist; you must choose between using the awesome powers of the demon and consuming your soul, or rejecting the demon powers and developing heroic talents to defeat your enemies.

  • Choose between unleashing your demon powers and keeping them at bay to develop more human and heroic talents.
  • Develop your combat style through three different skill trees including heavy weapons, sneak, and pyromantic magic.
  • Recruit companions to help fight alongside you against the undead creatures of Vertiel.

Fight off demonic creatures using heroic talents or unleash your own demonic powers!

Recruit companions who will love, live, hate and fight alongside you against the undead

10. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Gameplay

After the events of Doom, you return to Earth to find it overrun by demonic forces. With an arsenal of weapons, some of which can be attached to your armor, you must cut, slash, shoot and raze hell to eliminate the demons who have ravaged earth. Doom Eternal introduces new enemies such as the Marauder and Doom Hunter, but also reintroduces some of the old favorites such as Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, and Archvile.

  • Use a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, retractable wrist-mounted blade, and upgraded guns and mods to destroy your enemies in more spectacular fashion
  • Three ways to gain from your enemy’s death: Glory kill for health, chainsaw to stock up on ammo, and incinerate for armor
  • Play the new Battlemode multiplayer experience in a 2v1 experience where a fully armed DOOM slayer faces off against player-controlled demons.

Use exciting new weapons to destroy demons

The Doom Slayer returns to Earth to find it overrun by demons. Time to break out the Flamethrower!

9. shadow warrior

Shadow Warrior gameplay

Betrayed and left for dead, you play the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Use a combination of gun, magic, blade and wit to uncover the mystery behind a demonic invasion. A legendary blade may have something to do with it, but being sent to retrieve it by a deceitful employer will have consequences.

  • Use both overwhelming fire power and the elegant precision of a katana to eliminate the armies of the shadow realm.
  • Use an upgradeable arsenal that includes quad barrel shotguns, explosive-tipped crossbow bolts, revolvers, laser-guided rockets and more
  • Use mystical powers to protect yourself and paralyze your enemies.

Use exploding crossbow bolts to destroy your demonic enemies

Wield an elegant Katana to cut your enemies down

8. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 gameplay

When the seeds of a demon tree take root in Red Grave City, the young demon hunter Nero enlists the help of a self-professed weapons artist, Nico, to help solve the demon problem. With a variety of unique mechanical Devil Breaker arms, you must overcome the handicap of a useless right arm and crush the demonic invasion.

  • A choice of three different playable characters gives you a variety of combat and play styles available to choose from
  • Meet new characters such as the mysterious V, as well as old favorites such as Dante.
  • Experience other-worldly characters and creatures as you attempt to cleanse Red Grave City of demons.

Nero blasts a demon out of existence

Dante dual wielding pistols

7. Darksiders

Darksiders gameplay

You play War – the first Horseman of the Apocalypse. After a war between heaven and hell takes place, demonic forces lay claim to earth. You stand accused of causing this war and the subsequent end of the world. Given a choice between death and returning to Earth, you must use brutal attacks and supernatural abilities to journey across a ravaged Earth to quest for vengeance and vindication.

  • Use angelic, demonic and earthly weapons to blaze a trail of destruction.
  • Battle through demon-infested dungeons as well as vengeful Angels on your quest for vengeance and redemption.
  • Upgrade your weapons and uncover powerful ancient relics to customize your gameplay style.

Wield powerful weapons to break through your enemies

Battle against powerful demons as you seek vengeance and redemption

6. Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Painkiller Hell & Damnation gameplay

You play Daniel Garner, the Curse of Darkness and the Toy of Light. You are stuck in purgatory and must fight against a myriad of dark, demonic creatures as they fight over the fates of imprisoned souls. Use a unique and devastating arsenal of weapons to fight through 15 levels and over 30 of the darkest creatures from Hell.

  • Experience both single-player and Co-op campaigns spanning four Chapters.
  • No kill-streak bonuses or airstrikes and no auto-heal gives you a challenging experience.
  • Play through 15 adrenaline filled levels, including four boss levels and a special Halloween edition level.

Use a unique arsenal of weapons to blast your way through demons and skeletons

Fight through 15 adrenaline filled levels with over 30 of the darkest creatures from Hell

5. Devil’s Hunt

Devil’s Hunt gameplay

You are Desmond, once the son of a rich entrepreneur who enjoyed a luxorious lifestyle, now cursed or blessed with demonic powers. As a war between Angels and Demons becomes imminent, with earth as their chosen battleground, you must choose a side and help either angels or demons gain victory in the war.

  • Captivating storyline based on the original novel by Pawel Lesniak’s “Equilibrium.”
  • Change between human and demon, both of which have useful skills to defeat your chosen enemy.
  • Huge variety of available third person perspective melee combat attacks and combinations.

Choose between human and demon

Fight against a variety of enemies as you choose between fighting for or against the demons

4. Path of Exile

Path of Exile gameplay

Path of Exile is all about exacting revenge against those who wronged you. To do this, you must survive the dark continent of Wraeclast using unique items with arcane properties. Choose from seven different classes, each with its own unique playing style, and earn the trust of its Forsaken Master in order to obtain a Hideout where you can learn advanced crafting options as well as receive daily missions to increase your skills.

  • Play as the Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or Scion class and customize your character with unique skill combinations.
  • Challenge yourself with exceptional missions from the Forsaken Masters, each having their own style of mission to play.
  • Once you earn the trust of a Forsaken Master, use your hideout as a place to craft after battle, or expand your hideout to a personalized Guild Hall with customizable decorations.

Play through unique missions given to you by the Forsaken Masters

Customize your hideout in a variety of different ways

3. Diablo 3

Diablo 3 gameplay

The ultimate goal of Diablo 3 is to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. After a falling star strikes the cathedral in New Tristram, you must follow the storyline to uncover the mystery behind the fallen star. From recovering long lost items to making your way to the High Heavens, you must collect gear from Sanctuary’s furthest reaches to create the perfect weapon and armor sets with dynamic bonuses to defeat all who stand in your way.

  • Choose from necromancer, crusader, barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk or demon hunter to create a unique character, each with its own playing style.
  • Over 800 abilities to unlock and master using Diablo 3’s power-building system and runes.
  • Gather three powerful companions during gameplay that you can train and upgrade to help you attack any threats you come across.

Gain up to three followers to help attack any enemies that stand in your way

Use dynamic weapon and armor bonuses to destroy your enemies

2. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice gameplay

In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, you play Senua, A pict warrior who is trying to save the soul of her dead lover, Dillion. To save his soul you must travel to Helheim, a Viking hell, and battle not only otherworldly entities, but also your own self as you fight through psychosis and furies: the voices in your head. Use your focus ability to help trigger puzzles to progress further toward your goal, and use your sword to fight enemies, including the occasional boss.

  • Immerse yourself in Norse mythology as you follow the intriguing storyline of Senua, with memory triggers that tell of Norsemen and Viking history.
  • Use your focus ability to trigger puzzles and find hidden totems throughout the game.
  • Use the voices in your head to your advantage as the Furies guide you through the game mechanics and help solve puzzle levels.

Use your focus ability to find totems and trigger memories to help you progress through the game

Travel to Helheim to battle otherworldly entities

1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gameplay

You play Gabriel Belmont, a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who defend the innocent against the supernatural creatures that walk the Earth. The object of the game is to defeat the three factions of the Lords of Shadow in order to obtain pieces of the God Mask, which has the ability to resurrect the dead. You must follow the storyline as Gabriel faces the Lords of Shadow using his Combat Cross, and eventually faces Satan himself to reunite heaven with Earth.

  • Follow a unique storyline as you attempt to defeat the three Lords of Shadow. Twists and turns in the plot make for interesting gameplay.
  • Use your Combat Cross in a variety of ways; swing across chasms, rappel down cliffs and climb sheer walls. Unlock up to forty combos with the Combat Cross.
  • Explore gothic ruins, frozen wastelands, old forests and dark castles to obtain items to aid you in your quest.

Use your Combat Cross in a variety of ways

Explore intriguing castles and ruins during your adventures

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