10 Best Online RPG Games To Play in 2015

10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015

Role Playing games and their kin have never been more popular with millions upon millions of concurrent users and show no sign of slowing down. Get your hot pockets ready boys, today we will be looking at the Top 10 Best Online RPG games in 2015.  

In no particular order, 

1. Path of Exile 

The only thing better than a great game is a great free game—a free game bursting at the seams with content and replay value. If action RPG is what you crave, look no further, because Path of Exile has exactly what you need. 

In Path of Exile, you play as one who has been sent away from the island of Oriath to the dangerous land of Wraeclast, a dumping zone for vagrants and criminals. This land is as hostile as they come and everyone and everything wants you dead, especially Dominus, the pseudo leader of Wraeclast. You wake up on the beach and right away the action begins.  

Now I know what you’re thinking, I’ve seen this all before, and it’s true to some extent. Most of the usual’s are here: you pick one of six classes; you name your character; and then you beat your mouse to death, killing anything that moves. 

But where Path of Exile differs from other action RPGs, is in its ability to give you options as a player. Although you have to pick a class, Path of Exile does little to control how you build your character, allowing the player to customize any class to their specific playstyle.  

Weapons and armor are plentiful and diverse, but more importantly, they may contain sockets. Each socket is color coded and can be combined with a matching colored gem. These gems serve as a way to modify and enhance your equipment, giving them special powers such as raising the dead and sending them off to do your dirty work. Gems can be removed and replaced at will, allowing the player to mix and match gems as they find them to better suit their play style.  

Path of Exile also features a skill tree so varied and explicit, that even a brief glance might make you wet yourself. I can assure you though, that with a little investment and patience, it will make complete sense. Although intimidating, the skill tree and its capacity to provide you with different paths for your character to progress is really what separates Path of Exile from other action RPGs.  

This is exactly what Path of Exile is really all about, finding your own path. At first glance, you may think this is some rip off of Diablo 2, but once you see all that Path of Exile has to offer, you’ll start to wonder if you’re committing some kind of felony. I mean, how can so much goodness be available for free? It’s times like this where it’s best just to keep your head down, mouth shut, and just enjoy this wonderful world we live in.


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