10 Best Hearthstone Streamers of 2016

Will LegendaryLea be on the list? You bet she is

Watch these Hearthstone streamers if you want some Hearthstone excitement in your life.  Is it from learning to play better?  Is it drunken debauchery?  Or is it just a hot girl?  We’ve got it all in this list right here.

10. Kripparrian

Dominating the Blizzard games since 2010

Twitch followers: 806,000+

Kripparrian is best known for being a great Arena player.  He is one of the most popular streamers because his channel is very laid back.  You can learn a lot about crafting strange decks and making the best with what you have in the Arena.

While he is probably better known for his insane Diablo III achievements, his Hearthstone stream is what gained him the most popularity.

9. Hafu

She’s cute too

Twitch followers: 408,000+

This is a twitch like no other.  Something that no one would ever expect: a civil twitch chat.

I know, it’s unbelievable.

Hafu not only has a civil twitch chat, but she is also a great player.  Her Arena runs are well known and she has won multiple tournaments, most famously Lord of the Arena 4.

Before Hearthstone she was known as a World of Warcraft player which got her an invitation into the Hearthstone beta tournaments.  She’s been around the Blizzard worlds for a long time.

She gives a lot of informative and fun commentary.  

8. Reynad

Drinking makes Hearthstone more fun

Twitch followers: 430,000+

Our first drunken Hearthstoner, Reynad is also a very good player.  He is the captain and owner of Tempo Storm.

Reynad is best known for being banned from Magic:the Gathering after being caught cheating.  Not the best reason for being well known, but his stream more than makes up for his previous mishaps.

Reynad is credited with making Zoo and Aggro Warrior decks popular.  Aggro warrior now becoming popular again with the new meta, Reynad is back in the spotlight.

7. Ratsmah

Another Tempo Storm player

Twitch followers: 78,000

Probably the least well known streamer on the list, Ratsmah is here for his insane Arena runs:

6 back to back 12 win Rogue runs
Almost 4 consecutive 12 win runs

He also does themed runs on the Arena (ex: pick all spells) which are very informative and good to watch to learn different strategies.

Rogue is the hero that Ratsmah excels with (along with Hunter), using crazy Arena skills.  He is known as one of if not the best Arena player in the world.  His coaching sessions are some of the best for learning how to draft and play the Arena.

6. LegendaryLea

Very easy to watch for hours on end

Twitch followers: 558,000+

There are so many reasons for LegendaryLea to be on this list.  She has a huge following.  She tends to have “accidents” involving her clothes that get her banned from twitch from time to time.  She gets into feuds with other streamers (Reynad, Trump, etc.).  She makes comments that are not very PC.

Her stream is just an all around good time.

This stream isn’t so much about her play as it is her personality and entertainment value.  There is a lot of both.

5. Kibler

The original dragon master himself

Twitch followers: 188,000+

Kibler is most well known for Magic: the Gathering, but made the easy transition to Hearthstone.  One of the older players on the list, Kibler is also a game developer who worked on World of Warcraft TCG.

He is known as one of the best card game players in the world and brings all that to Hearthstone.  

Kibler is great to watch because he knows card games inside and out, and offers a very different perspective than other streamers.

He is also obsessed with dragons, making decks full of them no matter how bad the deck composition is.

4. Forsen

What Hearthstone is all about

Twitch followers: 506,000+

Drunken debauchery.

That sums up Forsen’s stream.

It is glorious.

The chat is just trolling and spamming.

He also happens to be an amazing Hearthstone player.

You probably won’t learn a lot from his stream in terms of how to get better, but you will have fun watching.  He is also easy to find as his streams tend to rank very highly on twitch.

I can’t rank him higher on this list only because beyond his use of the Miracle Rogue, he doesn’t help with getting better at the game.  His stream is just a place to hang out.  And a glorious hangout it is.

3. Amaz

Leading Team Archon

Twitch followers: 704,000+

Amaz has been around the Hearthstone community for a long time.  He was voted the best streamer in 2014 and was a commentator for the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship (along with Kripparrian from this list).

Amaz’s stream is the place to learn and get tons of great information.  He is an amazing player who created a community through his stream that is super informative and exciting.

Professionally, he played for Team Liquid until November of 2014 when he created Team Archon.  The first signing for Team Archon?  Firebat, the winner of the 2014 Hearthstone world champion (and streamer who just missed making this list).

2. Kolento 

His achievement list is longer than my arm

Twitch followers: 334,000+

Kolento is best known for 2 things:  creating Miracle Rogue, and being the best Hearthstone player in the world.  

Not too shabby.

He has been winning tournaments since Hearthstone was released and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.  He plays for team Cloud9 professionally.

While he doesn’t do so much coaching anymore, he does list all of his decks on his stream so that you can play the same decks he is.  You just have to learn how he does it through watching.

1. Trump

The free to play deck king

Twitch followers: 722,000+

No Hearthstone list would be complete without Trump, I mean come on, he has his own fan site: http://www.trumpfans.com/

He is probably the most well known player and streamer and, as a part of Team SoloMid, has multiple tournament wins.

His most insane accomplishment would be getting to Legendary with free to play decks.  He has done it with Mage, Shaman, Warlock, and Priest.  Any Hearthstone player can appreciate what an impressive feat that is.

He is one of the reasons that anyone can be confident getting into Hearthstone.  If you see someone do so well with a free to play deck you know you can do it yourself too.  Watching his success on his stream is a great way to learn and follow his lead.

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