The 17 Best Alien Games for PC (Blast Them To Shreds!)

best alien games
Defeat alien species using wit and strength

Wage War Against Extraterrestrials in These Alien Games for PC

Push back the Alien Invasion and have fun blasting E.T.s to shreds in these alien games.

17. Alien Shooter 2: Conscription

Alien Shooter 2: Conscription gameplay

Alien invasion! What remains of humanity is conscripted to defend the species. Defend cities and rural outposts from frenzied hordes.  Play a private soldier ordered to hunt down and kill the alien mobs before they have you for lunch.

In this top-down shooter explore labyrinthine environments while being pursued by a wide variety of scaly, reptilian-like aliens.  Fight your way through the mobs, step by step, as they slowly converge on your position, wearing you down, looking for weakness.  Don’t panic!  The survivors of each mission are rewarded with xps and money to improve your skills and weapons.

Unique Features

• Up to 100 aliens swarm on one map at one time

• Auxiliary equipment available, including radar and battle drones

• Three game modes: Campaign, Survive, Gun Stand

Get to the chopper! 

Why shoot aliens when you can also just run them over in a military grade jeep?

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