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15: Mind Flayer / Illithid / Ghaik (Evil) The Emperor lives... Read More
Dungeons and Dragons is a fun activity for everyone and to play it... Read More
D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, Fighter, Multiclass
Multiclassing is one of the best options unless you want to play... Read More
Last time I checked, there are 107 Gods in Dungeons and Dragons,... Read More
1. Critical Role Critical Role... Read More
This guide is like your sorcerer's personal treasure map in the world... Read More
Explodie magic bois
Selecting the optimal spells for your Sorcerer can prove challenging... Read More
D&D Best Paladin Builds
Building a new paladin from the ground up can be both fun and... Read More
D&D Best Paladin Items, Armor and Weapons
With hundreds of magic items, weapons, armor, and shields to choose... Read More
What to do when you can’t get your D&D group together in person... Read More
Movies like D&D, D&D movies
Dungeons & Dragons has swept through popular culture many times... Read More
Best D&D Games To Play On PC
The Dungeons & Dragons tabletop franchise has become a lasting... Read More
D&D Worldbuilding Tips and Strategies 25 best tips
Worldbuilding for your first D&D campaign can be a daunting task... Read More
D&D Homebrew Weapons To Use In Your Campaign
Magical weapons, and magical items in general, for D&D 5e are a... Read More
D&D Best Fighter Builds
Fighters are the most popular D&D class. Some would argue that... Read More
10. Lucky As much as he was happy to help the starving family... Read More
10. Fighting Initiate Nothing like a couple dozen bruises to... Read More
D&D Best Feats For Barbarians
10. Resilient Hit me once, shame on you. Hit me twice, shame... Read More
D&D Best Sorcerer Feats to Have
10. Lucky When betting everything, a steady combination of... Read More
Epic Quest Ideas for a Baldur's Gate Campaign
15. A Tadpole Among Us  This unfortunate test subject is... Read More
Best D&D Warlock Feats
Warlocks! What a great class. So much versatility, so much roleplay... Read More
What Are The Best D&D Editions to Play
Building a successful campaign for an epic set of heroes is what... Read More
D&D optimize character
Optimization Has Its Downside It doesn’t take much imagination... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Keeper of the Cadence by Alex Branwyn
With fourteen total classes (twelve of them found in the general... Read More
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