Top 20 Upcoming FPS Games 2023 And Beyond

Starfield, best upcoming FPS games of 2023
2023 will be a great year for FPS games.

20.Absolute Matter

June 2025 (Windows)

Absolute Matter is a tactical shooter MMO with a huge emphasis on player interaction in which the player and environment are responsible for creating their own quest. Bounty hunting will also be a huge part of the game, as players will be able to hunt others for money or put out bounties on players. This game will take place in the rundown countryside of Eastern Europe in the year 2081 which is occupied by aliens. You and other players must get together to fight for resources and essential spots such as factories. 

So far there is not that much on the game but it does sound interesting and definitely something to keep on the lookout for. 

This game will feature:

  • A Junk Eater: This is a type of peaceful alien that patrols the area bringing loot for the players to take, though if the alien is attacked a challenging boss fight will begin in which players can either help you or fight against you.
  • Custom Quests: Players will be able to make their own custom quests, partake in bounty hunts or rush to aid players that call for help.
  • Spore Crawlers: These are aliens that hunt in packs. Players need to cull their numbers by destroying their hives and preventing them from spreading.

Get lost in a surreal and fantastical world of wonder with this stunningly immersive game environment.


19. Redfall 

May 2, 2023 (Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S) 

Redfall is a first-person shooter open-world game with an emphasis on cooperation. Developed by Arkane Studios who are known for the “Dishonored” series. Based in a small town in Massachusetts, you must work with other survivors to battle the vampires who are responsible for blocking out the sun and plunging Redfall into darkness. You and your team are tasked with finding out what is the cause of this vampire insurgency and must fight against these monsters to take back the town.

This game will feature:

  • A well-crafted open world: Explore Redfall's diverse areas from the once-thriving downtown to the decimated boardwalk and haunted forest. 
  • Cooperative Teamwork: You and three other players will have to closely work together to uncover the mystery behind Redfall’s vampire incursion. You can also play solo and AI will take the place of the other players.
  • Character Specific Abilities: Each character that the player can choose from will have their own skills and unique abilities. Players must combine their talents to suppress the vampire threat. 

More vampire games are always good to see.



TBA (Windows)

Derelicts is a survival base-building game set in a post-apocalyptic world that was ravaged by an ancient alien mechanism that flooded the earth with radiation, causing an outbreak of horrifying mutants and monsters. After you crash on Earth onboard a space shuttle, you and your friends must explore, find materials to build a base, and survive the mutated wildlife. 

This game will feature:

  • Resource Gathering: Gather a plethora of resources available to you on the map to build a base to defend yourself from the mutated hordes.
  • Inclement Weathers: Derelicts will have a wide range of extreme weather changes that will add a level of difficulty to the game, such as storms and blizzards. Cold weather can also freeze over water which will affect any watermills you have installed.
  • Dogs: You will come across a furry companion on your travels that will join you on your explorations and help you fight against enemies. 


Nothing is more immersive than enjoying a marshmallow at a campfire, with your dog and listening to some music.  

17. The Finals 

August 2023 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

An action-packed, fast-paced colorful arena shooter made by ex-developers of Battlefield. At first glance, it gave me some Fortnite vibes due to its color and being free to play but this game seems to be a lot more gritty, in which you can easily some similarities to Battlefield. The maps in The Finals all look very beautiful so far, which are based on real-life locations and can even be destroyed, as this game features destructive environments. It will be free to play, so there is no harm in trying it out as it does looks fun.

This game will feature: 

  • Levolution: Every building and structure can be destroyed and turned into rubble. Just like the Battlefield games, The Finals features destructive environments but it brings it to a whole new level.
  • Variety of playstyles: From running around guns blazing, sneaking around with a katana in hand, or leveling down a building full of enemies, there are so many ways to create your own unique playstyle.
  • Character Customization: The Finals will have a robust character customization system that will allow the player to design their own unique character.  

A bit more colorful Battlefield



TBA (Windows)

Transcience looks like it could be one of the year's most promising games. It is an action first-person shooter based around a futuristic setting. Taking place in the city of New Houston in the year 2056. You play as Eli Read, an accountant on the run trying to discover who placed a hit on him. Use an arsenal of next-generation weapons at your disposal to take down your enemies and clear your name. 

This game will feature:

  • Your own approach: Whether it be gunning down enemies Rambo style or silently sneaking around taking enemies one by one, the game will not hold you back in how you want to approach each mission.
  • Weapon Customization: Featuring a versatile weapon customization system, you will be able to change your weapon around to your heart’s desire. You will unlock and find various weapon attachments hidden throughout the campaign allowing you for up to 500 different weapon attachment combinations. 

No amount of advanced technology can surpass the handy flashlight. 



2023 (Windows)

A survival MMORPG, Pioner takes place in an apocalyptic wasteland. Players can take part in various quests, exploration, as well as PVP or PVE game modes. Pioner will feature a map that is over 50 kilometers long with plenty of bosses and mutants to battle against and hunt for supplies. If you like Stalker then this might just be your thing. 

This game will feature:

  • Factions: There are 4 factions to choose from, each with its own story and campaign. Your decisions will have consequences on particular situations and on the ending of the game.
  • Fight for resources: In special areas called “Empty Lands” which are scattered along the map you will need to fight for valuable resources and special equipment. You must beware as these areas roam many deadly monsters and other hostile players looking for treasure.
  • Day Night Cycle: Pick your exploration times carefully. Npcs are affected by the time of day. Many animals and mutants are active throughout the day but the most dangerous creatures hunt at night.


Stalker with a twist.

14.Dark and Darker 

TBA (Windows)

Dark and Darker is a first-person RPG dungeon crawler. With a group of friends explore the depths of an ancient citadel in search of loot and treasure while fighting off various creatures and monsters you may encounter. Dark and Darker looks to be a very fun fresh experience with a classic feel to it.  

This game will feature:

  • No Forgiveness: Explore dungeons full of dangers where any mistake can be lethal. Death carries a heavy price of losing your entire loot so you better be careful. 
  • Constant Tension: You must constantly be on the go as you will be pursued and killed by a dark soul if you do not make it out in time.
  • First-Person Combat: You must use your sight and hearing to always remain aware of your surroundings. Learn the in and outs of your weapons and skills to fully immerse yourself in the experience and become a better fighter.  

Mandatory camp fire after a dungeon crawling session.


13.No Room in Hell 2 

TBA (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems)

No Room in Hell 2 is a zombie survival game. Your aim is to survive together in an 8-player coop session while exploring diverse maps with randomly generated structures and looting various useful supplies, which can be used to make items and weapons. 

This game will feature:

  • Cooperative gameplay: Work in a team of 8 other players to survive and fight against the zombie hordes, supported by distance-based voice communication for better immersion. 
  • Infection: After you are bitten you are on your way to being one of the infected. You can choose to let your team know or search for a cure.
  • Randomly Generated Map: Each objective, location, and structure will be randomly generated making each and every playthrough completely fresh.


Just make sure you have enough ammo.

12. Pay Day 3 

2023 (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, Xbox Series X, and Series S)

Pay Day is a well-known series that is now back after almost a decade after its previous release Pay Day 2. Pay Day 3 will be a sequel to Pay Day 2 that takes place in New York City and the player takes the role of one of four criminals as you take part in various heists and robberies. Following the story of PayDay 2, you step out of retirement to go back into a life of crime. One of the funnest aspects of the PayDay games is its COOP experience. 

This game will feature:

  • Your own approach: There are multiple ways to approach a heist such as playing it slow and steadily or running in guns blazing. 
  • Customization: As you progress and do more heists you and your crew will be able to build and customize your own gear. 


The return of the gang!

11. Instinctions

TBA (Windows)

Instinctions is an FPS game set in a pre-historic world. You search for ancient artifacts from an unknown civilization that is long gone. This game will feature many stunning locations in which you will have to fight against deadly pre-historic creatures. Looking forward to seeing what this game can bring as I am really liking the setting. 

This game will feature:

  • Exploration: Explore a vast beautifully crafted open world full of ancient picturesque locations, such as caves, forests, ruins, and underwater areas.
  • Survival: Fight against deadly prehistoric beasts and extinct creatures.
  • Puzzles: Solve puzzles and quests filled with deadly obstacles.  

 You can be the reason dinosaurs got wiped out.


Luna Abyss

TBA (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

Luna Abyss is a truly stunning looking Sci-Fi horror, action, first-person shooter game running on the Unreal Engine 4. Set on a mimic moon of Luna, you play as a prisoner trying to escape an enormous derelict megastructure. Discover the mysteries of this moon and find out what caused the downfall of the colony while you navigate your way through the depths of these brutalist alien structures. 

This game will feature:

  • Fast-paced gameplay: You will need to think fast in many encounters throughout the game. The enemies are routless, always keeping the gameplay highly tense. 


Hard to tell if its beautiful or horrifying.

9.Shell Soldier 

TBA (Windows)  

Taking place in a dystopian future, Shell Soldier is a fast-paced, intense first person shooter. The game features frantic firefights with the use of deadly futuristic weapons. The story will take place in the year 2052 where you play as an agent of an organization called Armagate who's tasked with stopping a rogue group called Silver Pheonix. 

This game will feature:

  • Chaotic Gunfights: Battle your enemies in fast paced, chaos filled, incredibly tense gun fights.
  •  Engaging Story: As you approach your objective in fulfilling a mission for the security of your country, you find yourself increasingly questioning the reasons behind your actions.
  • Immersive sound and graphics: The game's visual and auditory components are beautifully crafted to immerse the player in the heart-pumping intensity of explosive battles and the bleak, chilling ambiance of a dystopian world.

I love details such as bullet holes on the wall just as we can see here. Always makes the game so much more immersive.



TBA (Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Mac operating systems)

Routine is a Sci-Fi horror FPS game. It has a very unique art style as it is designed around an 80s vision of the future. Your own curiosity turns into a need for survival as you try to escape an enemy who is certain that you are the main threat. So far we do not have much information, but this game does seem promising and something to keep an eye on. 

This game will feature:

  • Deep level of immersion: Routine does as little as possible to hold your hand. With the use of dead zone aiming, and minimal UI it can easily hook you and make you feel part of the game.
  • Survival: You will need to think fast and be cunning to escape the enemy that is hunting you. You will constantly be on the run. 
  • Exploration: Explore the haunting abandoned corridors of the Lunar Station, from abandoned malls to the deteriorating headquarters. 

A Five Nights at Freddys/Robocop Crossover 


7.Direct Contact

Q3 2023 (Windows)

Direct Contact is a tactical simulation first-person shooter developed and published by Mountain 81 which tries to display warfare in the most accurate way possible. The studio has even gone out and asked real veterans for their feedback on this game. Direct Contact aims to be highly immersive and realistic in all aspects ranging from weaponry, tactics, clothing, and bullet physics. I am really looking forward to trying out this game. 

This game will feature:

  • Enemy Interactions: You will be able to interact with your enemies across the battlefield. For example, an enemy will be able to surrender if they are surrounded and overwhelmed giving you the opportunity to arrest them. 
  • Air Support: The player has access to call in air support for extraction or to call in missiles against an enemy. 
  • Intense Missions: Direct Contact will feature highly intense missions with a huge focus on immersion and realism. You will need to focus on everything from weaponry, clothing, equipment, and tactics in order for your mission to succeed. 

Definitely one of the games Im looking forward to this year.


6.IGI Origins 

TBA (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

IGI Origins is a tactical first-person shooter and a prequel to the 2000s Project IGI. What looks to be a very exciting stealth shooter that takes place during the Cold War. You play as Michael King, also known as Regent, who is a former SAS soldier who has been enlisted by MI6 to undertake operations worldwide with the objective of neutralizing a dangerous threat with ambitions of instigating a global conflict. This game is being published and developed by Anti-Matter Games which is also the studio behind Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. This appears to be a very good game in the making so you should definitely keep it on your radar.

This game will feature: 

  • Wide Arsenal: Playing as an MI5 agent, you will have access to a wide arsenal of weapons to use against your opponents.
  • Multiple Approaches: There will be multiple ways to approach a mission, from silently and stealthily taking out your enemies to running around engaging in heavy firefights.


Use stealth, or go all out.....

5. Amnesia The Bunker 

May 16, 2023 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S)

Amnesia The Bunker is an upcoming first-person horror game. You step in the shoes of a French soldier Henri Clément during World War I. You are left alone in a desolate bunker with only one bullet, your goal is to discover the mysteries of this bunker and escape. You must preserve supplies, craft, and scavenge items in order to survive against an entity that is hunting you within the darkness.

This game will feature:

  • Randomization: No playthrough will ever feel the same as behaviors within the game will be randomized and unpredictable. 
  • Consequences: Every action and decision you make will have an effect on the game and generate an outcome in response to what you do.
  • Constant Tension: This will be a battle against time so you need to make every minute count as in the darkness, there is an ever-present entity that reacts to your every move waiting for you to make a mistake.

Use sparingly!


4. Dead Island 2

April 21, 2023 (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows)

After almost a decade of waiting, Dead Island 2 was suddenly brought back into the light last year sparking huge surprise amongst many gamers across the internet. The game had many issues regarding development over the past few years as it switched from studio to studio and is now being finished by DamBuster Studios. Dead Island 2 is an open-world action zombie game taking place in Los Angeles. Explore many picturesque locations throughout the city while killing hordes of infected and working with other survivors. 

This game will feature:

  • Brutal Melee Combat: Experience intense, gory, and brutal melee combat from a first-person perspective. Use a plethora of weapons and tactics to rip, slice and smash your way through hordes of the undead.
  • Exploration: Explore iconic locations such as Beverly Hills and Venice Beach in the City of Angels.
  • RPG Experience: Dead Island will offer a huge number of exciting quests full of crazy characters and a twisted, thrilling story.

Fight your way through iconic Instagram locations!


3.Exe Killer

2024 (PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S)

Exe Killer has one of the most unique settings I have seen in a while. The game takes place in a futuristic, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, western alternative timeline. You play through the eyes of a bounty hunter Denzel Fenix. It has a player-choice-driven story and consequences that will have an effect on the world around them, even small things such as dialogue can make a difference. 

This game will feature:

  • Choice: This game has a huge emphasis on player choice and freedom. The choices and dialogues you pick in the game will have an effect on the world around you.
  • Semi-open world: The player will gain access to more areas of the world after they have completed quests. 
  • Choosing your own playstyle: Persuade yourself to assert your position, whether you opt for an aggressive strategy involving forceful entry with firearms to claim the bounty, or a subtle approach utilizing your cunning abilities to manipulate agendas and hack systems to achieve your goal.

I bet you’ve never seen a cyberpunk cowboy before. 


 2. Stalker 2

2023 (Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows)

Stalker 2 is an open-world sequel to the beloved first-person game Stalker. Stalker 2 takes place in a nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland inside the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. Players take the role of a stalker whose task is to explore the Zone while fending off against various mutant monsters and other hostile humans.

This game will feature:

  • Non-linear story: Stalker 2 will feature a non-linear story with multiple endings which all depend on the decisions you make throughout the game.
  • Survival: There will be an immersive survival system with features such as hunger, sleeping, bleeding, and radiation.
  • Day-night cycle: Apart from adding realism to the game, certain deadly monsters may only appear at night so you should always stay aware of what time it is before going out hunting.

You can expect some beautiful scenery.


1. Starfield 

2023 (Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows)

One of the year's most anticipated titles, Starfield is an open-world exploration game set in space and developed by the makers of the infamous Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, Bethesda. It is Bethesda's next big RPG in which you will be able to create your own spaceship to discover the game's vast open outer space, which is full of randomly generated planets and moons for the player to explore. The hype surrounding this game is enormous as it is Bethesda’s brand new IP, with separate lore and universe from their already existing flagship titles being Fallout and Elder Scrolls. 

This game will feature:

  • Exploration: Starfield offers over 1000 plants and 100 systems for the players to explore. Each planet you discover will be able to be landed on, giving the player even more areas to explore.
  • Building: You will be able to build and customize your own spaceships, bases, and weapons. Characters you meet along your journeys will even able to be recruited to stay at your various outposts, and manage them for you.
  • Character Creation: Like many Bethesda games, Starfield will have a robust character creation system allowing you to create any type of character you may want. Todd Howard himself claimed that this is their “most flexible yet” character creation tool.

Do you get to the Cloud District very often?

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