10 Things Console Gaming Does Better Than PC Gaming

Things Console Gaming Does Better Than PC Gaming
Ted has his eyes set on his console of choice

I’ve witnessed the console vs. PC flame war rage on since the early 2000’s.  Take it from me, a tech pro: console remains the preferred gaming device around the world for a reason.  While you likely won’t be checking your email and writing spreadsheets on your PS5, here are ten things that gamers can indisputably say their console does better than their PC:


1. Consoles Are Simple and Easy to Use

Two gamers bond over a shared experience

Your brand new Xbox Series X arrives at your door like it’s Christmas morning.  You plug the power cord into the outlet, and the HDMI cable goes right in the back of the TV.  In less than half an hour, you’re beginning a new campaign or an online matchup.  Now imagine that same scenario playing out for your new gaming PC.  Not so easy to set up, is it?

That’s because gaming PC’s often are custom built with great consideration taken into the RAM, processor, video card(s), and more.  You have to make sure all the firmwares between all your different components are all working together and that your operating system is in pristine working order.  Consoles are plug and go.  They.  Just.  Work.  


2. Consoles Cost Less

Gaming is expensive- but there are ways to save

The latest generation of video game consoles may seem expensive, but when you compare that to the cost of building and maintaining a PC gaming rig in a constantly evolving world, it pales in comparison.  That means more cash in your budget to spend on a high resolution TV, the most comfortable furniture, and the latest games.

The reason for this is that console manufacturers build the cheapest, best working machine for one thing and one thing only: gaming.  Gaming PC’s are essentially high end video processing workstations with a steam account.  They might be more versatile,  but consoles are more specialized.  You’d be better off mining crypto with all those video cards and just buying a PS5.  


3. Reliability

The console frontrunners face off

How many times have you had your PC throw you an unexpected error when installing a new application?  How about trying to get a printer or a mouse to connect?  I know that any time I make my PC do something new, I have to be prepared for the possibility that it won’t work.  PC’s are notorious for failing at the most inopportune times.

Do you know how many programs are installed on your PC right now?  How about exposure to malware?  And all that data that’s filling up your hard drive? These are all things that your Playstation doesn’t have to worry about.  They’re dedicated to do one thing, and they’re good at it.  When it comes to reliability of performance, PC’s can’t compare.


4. Zero Lag

Video games are one thing a father and son can always agree on

Ever had your game bug out in the middle of a boss fight?  Or at the worst time in an online match?  I know I have, and it is no bueno.  I’d do just about anything to make sure my gaming experience remains 100% without interruptions or lag.  Unfortunately, PC’s are notorious for being laggy and problematic.  

If you’re on a PC right now, do this for me.  Open up the task manager and count how many processes are running right now.  You might see over a hundred different system processes vying for attention from the processor.  It’s no wonder that most PC’s can’t consistently deliver a seamless gaming experience like a console can!  Consoles only have to worry about the game, nothing else.  That’s why they can deliver a seamless lag-free experience when most PC’s can’t.


5. Comfort of use

Controller vs. mouse- it's a touchy subject

There’s something special about kicking back on your sofa, letting your dog curl up next to you, and playing some 2K with the boys after a long day of work.  Console gaming allows you to take the gaming experience to the most comfortable spot in your house- the living room.  

I’ll take console gaming over PC gaming any day for the sheer comfort of firing up a system you know is going to work and relaxing on the couch instead of upright at your computer workstation.  Plus, the ergonomic controller design fits much better in my hands than a mouse and keyboard.  Most of us play games to relax, and if that’s the case, console is the way to go.  


6. Playing on a Big TV is More Fun

TV's let you get right into the action

Bigger is better.  A bigger screen with a higher resolution directly translates to a more immersive and engaging gaming experience, and the biggest and best way to game is on a huge flat screen TV.  I love making my way across the mountaintops of Elden Ring or the walls and spires of Assassin’s Creed and watching minute details form in the distance on a TV that delivers what the developers intended.  

If I could, I’d play my video games from the back row in an IMAX movie theater.  But for now, I’ll have to settle for the back row of my love seat facing my 75” UHD display.  Try that with your 24” screen. This is one area where consoles are clearly ahead.


7. There’s No Need To Upgrade Hardware

Slotting in upgrades to your gaming platform isn't a necessity

Every few years, your newest PC video cards are going to go obsolete, and if you’re truly a dedicated gamer, you’re going to open up your checkbook to shell out your hard earned cash for a new Nvidia card.  Then, you’d better know what you’re doing when you crack open the side panel of your desktop to slot that new card in. 

Not the case when it comes to console gaming.  There’s no technical expertise or additional upgrades required when you purchase a console.  That’s because the game developers create the specifications of the game so that it works with every single console, everywhere.  Because PC’s are different, you have to adjust your PC to fit the requirements of the game.  With consoles, that’s already done for you.


8. Console Exclusive Titles

Players enjoy a riveting team game

On the console, you have access to exclusive titles not available on other systems.  There’s no shortage of examples from Forza to Fable of games that are only available for the console.  And beyond that, PC versions sometimes take months after the console release to come out, giving console gamers a huge head start.

Not all gaming platforms are created equal.  Developers need to choose between optimizing their game for multiple platforms or spending their time and money making an absolute masterpiece for one platform.  That’s why exclusive games for consoles are another reason that consoles are better for gaming.  


9. Physical Gaming

Players can get fit and have fun at the same time

Here’s one area we haven’t discussed yet: The wide world of games based off of your full body physical movements!  Nintendo built their entire Wii and Switch systems off of the unique motion tracking technology that makes games like Wii Sports and Just Dance a huge hit at any party or as part of your fitness routine.  

Video gaming doesn’t have to be sedentary- The Oculus Rift and the Nintendo Switch provide great ways to engage your body while having fun in a virtual setting.  While it is possible to hook up your Oculus to your PC, the large majority of users find the open space of their living room or video gaming space to be much more accommodating than their office or bedroom.  That’s why console gamers enjoy the capability of using motion tracking in a way that most PC gamers can’t.  


10. Mobile Gaming

Sitting outside and gaming- try that with your PC

Want to game on a train?  How about on a plane?  You’re not going to be able to beat dedicated mobile gaming systems.  You can take the joy of video gaming out of the house and on the road wherever you’d like to go.  Laptops will have trouble keeping up with the demands of modern games, and take up more space than is often ideal for an ideal gaming experience.

A handheld gaming device can make your commute to work and school actually enjoyable.  And when it comes to compact, portable devices, platforms like the Valve Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are the definite frontrunners.  Plus, there’s a huge market for inexpensive, insanely fun retro games on handheld devices.  Just one more thing that console gaming does better than PC.


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