[Top 15] Sims 3 Best Mods

Sims 3 Best Mods
Put your toddlers down so you can get some shut-eye

Mods to make Sims 3 even better

The Sims is one of the most modded games in the video gaming community. An already wacky and bizarre simulation, modders want to take it to the extreme and sometimes outright bizarre.

So let’s take a look at some of the best mods to grace Sims 3. 

15. The Third Person Mod

Make your sim run around like a chicken

Sims are great, they go wherever you tell them to with a click of a button. Have you ever wanted to experience the Sims as a third person game though?

Making them run around, controlling their movements? Then this mod is for you. 

Why The Third Person Mod is great:

  • See the world through your sims perspective
  • Immerse yourself in gameplay
  • F1 allows you to switch between normal mode and third person mode

Get The Third Person Mod here

14. Deep Conversations

Make conversations more detailed

This mod gives you a greater insight into the conversation your sims are having. It allows you to steer the conversation in a certain direction more often. You’ll get to know your sims on a deeper level. 

Why Deep Conversations is great:

  • Get to know will provide detailed answers that will reveal information about the sim you’re talking to
  • You can choose a reply in certain conversations, following an RPG structure
  • Conversations will effect the sims mood and be remembered

Get Deep Conversations here

13. University For Your Home World

At least going to university can be easy

Sims University is a fantastic expansion pack but it takes so long to travel back and forth between worlds. Sims 3 is known for being glitchy and buggy and this constant travelling doesn’t help.

So what’s a good alternative? A university in your Town!

Why University For Your Home World is great:

  • A lot of the same functions as the regular university lot
  • Easier to attend university
  • All the needed university buildings

Get University For Your Home World here

12. No Fridge Shopping

Some realism for food shopping

This mod will enhance gameplay when your sim is making a meal. Instead of just collecting ingredients from your fridge, it will check to see if you actually have the ingredients to make your meal.

If not, better get shopping!

Why No Fridge Shopping is great:

  • More realistic gameplay
  • Snacks aren’t free
  • You still need ingredients if you’re cooking off your lot

Get No Fridge Shopping here

11. Napping Mat

When mom needs a break

Having a toddler in Sims 3 is pretty immersive. Teaching them to walk,talk, and use the potty;it’s quite an experience.

The napping mat adds another level on top of this gameplay. You can now put your little one down to sleep when things get a bit too stressful. 

Why Napping Mat is great:

  • Sleepy toddlers will use the mat automatically
  • Child sims and any sims older than that can tuck toddlers in
  • If Seasons is installed, tucking a sim in will depend on the weather

Get Napping Mat here

10. PPC - Pregnancy Progress Controller

Have even more control over your sim

Now you’ll have full control over a sim’s pregnancy. You can get sims pregnant automatically, disable pregnancy information and go into labor when it suits you.

You can even restart your pregnancy, whatever you want!

Why PPC is great:

  • You can impregnate a sim just by clicking on them. The father will be the sim you’re currently playing as
  • You can choose to start a birth now
  • You can even pause a pregnancy and resume it when you want to

Get PPC here

9. Frozen Inspired Lighting Mod

Put a little Disney into Sims 3

Most of us are obsessed with the Frozen movie and with the second one out now, we’re all there for those Disney feels. This mods adds some atmosphere to your sim’s world and makes it a lot more magical. 

Why Frozen Inspired Lighting Mod is great:

  • Disney colors
  • New auroras
  • Five different sunsets and sunrises

Get Frozen Inspired Lighting Mod here

8. Candy Crush Skin

Beautiful skin tones

Skin tones in Sims are incredibly popular, from more realistic textures to over the top fantasies, they’re amazingly common in CAS. Candy Crush Skin improves the sim’s texture with perfected flesh tones and multiple shades. 

Why Candy Crush Skin is great:

  • Smooth skin
  • Defined eyelids
  • 12 tones

Get Candy Crush Skin here

7. Event Planner Career

Fun career mod

Mod careers are always fun, they either add realism or fantasy to the already wacky game. There are ten levels to this career, outfits and several opportunities.

Become an event planner in the Sims 3!

Why Event Planner Career is great:

  • Custom uniforms
  • Work on Charisma skill
  • Logic skill for event planning

Get Event Planner here

6. The Nursing Career

Add another career to Sims 3

Another career mod and it’s a good one! The Nursing Career mod enhances an already detailed Sims 3 game.

It'll give you a chance to focus on Charisma and Science skills that rarely go together. 

Why Socialite Career is great:

  • Work 12 hour shifts to emulate what it's like being a nurse in real life
  • Can customise career outfit
  • Realism at its finest

Get inside the Nursing Career Mod here

5. Hospital Overhaul

Add some enlightening and disturbing options

The hospital in your town is great, but it’s quite limited to what you can do, even with the expansion packs. Hospital Overhaul adds more interaction to the building and consequently will enhance gameplay *Use this mod at your own risk as it can cause problems* . 

Why Hospital Overhaul is great:

  • Deworming services
  • Donation services
  • Alien implantation

Get Hospital Overhaul here

4. No Intro

Get rid of the lag

Sims 3 does take quite a long time to load and what makes it even longer? The intros! This mod disables that. 

Why No Intro is great:

  • Pretty self explanatory! Get rid of intros

Get No Intro here

3. Apartments and Roommates Fix

At least one thing in Sims 3 can run smoothly

Sims 3 is very buggy and this can ruin gameplay a lot of the time. It can even make the game unplayable!

This mod aims to fix the bugs and problems around apartments and roommates so you’ll at least have one less thing to worry about. It also adds new features.

Why Apartments and Roommates Fix is great:

  • Landlord sims are notified when an item is broken, tenants won’t pay rent until its fixed
  • Can purchase rental properties as a landlord sim
  • Bills come into mailbox twice a week

Get Apartments and Roommates Fix here

2. Pose Player

Poses for the creators

Pose mods in all of the Sims games are incredibly popular. They are useful to advertise new sims you’ve created, show off mods and tell stories with. 

Why Pose Player is great:

  • Acts as an object you can buy and place on your lot
  • You can then use it to put a sim into a pose from your pose list
  • They’ll stay posed until this is cancelled

Get Pose Player here

1. Animation Player

Animations for the creators

Animation Player is the same concept as Pose Player, but with animations instead. This is another way to share your sims with the rest of the world.

 It works in a slightly similar way. 

Why Animation Player is great:

  • Acts as an object you can interact with
  • Plays animations for your sims as a playlist you can edit
  • Animations will be played on a playlist and pauses can be added

Get Animation Player here

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