[Top 10] Prey Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

What are the best weapons in the game?

10. EMP Charge

The EMP Charge is a single-use throwable weapon that disables electronics. It’s useful for disabling operators, turrets, gates, other electronics, and certain enemies.

The EMP Charge has limited uses because there aren’t a lot of electronic enemies (at least in the early game). There are better weapons (the disruptor gun), which do the same thing but aren't as expensive to use. The EMP Charge does recycle a nice amount of materials, though.

What EMP Charge Excels In:

  • Disabling Electronics
  • Getting Recycled for Materials
  • Stunning enemies for about 10 seconds

How to get EMP Charge:

EMP charges are found in multiple locations throughout the station. The fabrication plans can be found on Eric Berger’s corpse in G.U.T.S

9. Typhon Lure (aka Nightlight)

The Typhon Lure is a single-use throwable weapon that distracts Typhon to move toward it for a short period of time. As the name implies, this item is a lure; it doesn’t actually do damage, but it does set up an opportunity to dish out some amazing damage on unsuspecting enemies.

If you are playing Prey stealthily, this may be your best companion. With Sneak Attack neuromods installed and a trusty silencer pistol, you might be able to pull off some amazing assassinations! There are also other tactics, like tossing a recycler charge to wipe out everything near the lure or luring Typhon to an explosive and then blowing it up!

What Typhon Lure Excels In:

  • Distracting enemies so you can scan them
  • Setting up opportunities for some action
  • Running away!

How to get Typhon Lure:

You can find it in multiple locations throughout the game like most items, but your first encounter may be in the Psychotronics lab where you will also find the crafting blueprints. 

8. RSV-77 Neuroelectric Disruptor (Disruptor Gun)

Disruptor Gun Base Stats:

  • Power: 4s
  • Range: 7.5m
  • Shots: 4
  • Recharge Rate: 1.5s

The Disruptor Gun is a taser, a short-range electric shock weapon that disables electronics and incapacitates humans.

The Disruptor Gun is useful against Operators, which are one of the major enemies later on in the game. The Disruptor gun is also effective against technopaths, and if you care about keeping the crew of Talos I alive, it can stun humans without killing them.

What Disruptor Gun Excels in:

  • Disabling Operators so you can go in for a whack with the wrench
  • Disabling Technopaths so they can be dealt with easily
  • Keeping mind-controlled Crew alive

How to get Disruptor Gun:

The Disruptor Gun is found throughout the Space Station, but the first Disruptor Gun can be found in a room on the right of the simulation area on top of a shelf. You can also find the fabrication plans in the volunteer quarters on the second floor of the Neuromod division.

7. Wrench

Wrench Base Stats:

  • Damage: 10-20

The wrench is the first weapon you get in Prey. It’s the only melee weapon and the best weapon for conserving ammo. The wrench is also useful at destroying gloo objects to open up paths to different rooms.

The Wrench combos great with the Gloo Gun—after glooing up an enemy, you can charge up the wrench for a huge hit. This is especially true if you choose to get the neuromodes for boosting wrench damage and critical chance. There’s also a mod for boosting the wrench critical rate, which would synergize well!

What Wrench Excels in:

  • Dealing melee damage/blunt damage to Operators or Gloo’d enemies
  • Saving ammo since Wrench only costs stamina
  • Unleashing epic critical hit animation on enemies

How to get Wrench:

There are a lot of Wrench pick-ups throughout the space station, but the first one would be outside Morgan Yu’s room next to a corpse. You can also find the fabrication plan in Morgan Yu’s office

6. Nullwave transmitter

The Nullwave Transmitter is a single-use throwable weapon that disrupts the psionic abilities of anything caught within its radius for about 20 seconds.

The Nullwave Transmitter is great for disabling the abilities of Typhons such as the Telepath, Technopath, Phantom, and Weaver. It also gets rid of any mind-control effects that will render controlled enemies like the Crew unconscious (but not dead).

What Nullwave Transmitter Excels in:

  • Disabling troublesome enemies and making them easy to take out
  • Disrupting enemy abilities
  • Disabling groups of enemies for situations that need it

How to get Nullwave Transmitter:

There are numerous Nullwave Transmitters throughout the space station but there is one in the room where the experiment took place. You can find the Fabrication plans in a storage closet in the bottom of the control room for Atmosphere.

5. Recycler Charge

Recycler Charge Base Stats:

  • Deals 200 damage to gloo’d enemies

The Recycler Charge is a single-use throwable weapon that damages enemies and can turn nearby objects into material resources.

The Recycler Charge is arguably the highest-damage weapon in the game if used with the Gloo cannon. It is possible to destroy a nightmare with three recycler charges. It’s also possible to remove obstacles that require leverage to move, allowing you to get through obstacles! The recycle charge can also turn furniture into extra resources, but do note that the yield is not necessarily great, so unless you are in excess of crafting resources, it may be better to hold onto the recycle charge for tough enemies.

What Recycler Charge Excels in:

  • Dealing high area of effect damage
  • Combo’s well with the Typhon Lure (Attracting enemies to 1 place then killing/converting them into resources)
  • Getting through obstacles without having to invest neuromods into Leverage

How to get Recycler Charge:

These are found throughout the station but the first encounter may be in the Ballistics lab in the Hardware Labs. The fabrication plans can be found in Jorgen Thornstein’s quarters in the Crew Quarters.

4. PPN-8 Personal Defense Sidearm (Silenced Pistol)

Silenced Pistol Base Stats:

  • Firepower: 10
  • Magazine capacity: 15
  • Range: 15m
  • Accuracy: 60%

The silenced pistol is the first lethal gun you get in Prey. It’s a relatively long-range weapon that’s useful for getting out-of-reach enemies and flying enemies.

The pistol is good for those that prefer a silent approach because the damage stacks with Sneak’s multipliers as well as the Firepower Neuromod perk. The ammo economy isn’t the greatest, but it fires rapidly, allowing for burst damage and speedy takedowns!

What Silenced Pistol Excels in:

  • Single target long-range damage
  • Sneaky assassinations
  • Attacking flying enemies that are out of reach for other weapons

How to get Silenced Pistol:

The silenced pistol can be found in numerous locations, but the first encounter will most likely be in the Teleconferencing room across from the Executive offices. The fabrication plan can be found in the Armory in the Psychotronics. The code to the Armory comes from a prisoner found nearby so make sure to free him!

3. S4 Tactical Combat Shotgun

Shotgun Base Stats:

  • Firepower: 41
  • Recoil: 100%
  • Ammo Capacity: 4
  • Reload Speed: 100%

The shotgun is the second lethal gun you get in Prey. It’s a close-range weapon that does a huge amount of damage and is probably the most ammo-efficient weapon in the game.

The shotgun is good for taking out phantoms and other stronger enemies that like to get up close. A great combo with the shotgun is the Gloo gun, as it holds them still so you can get up close to deal maximum damage. The shotgun is also the most ammo-efficient weapon in the game, so it’s definitely worth upgrading.

What Shotgun Excels in:

  • High Close range damage
  • Destroying Gloo’d up enemies
  • Ammo efficient destruction

How to get Shotgun:

If you have the Cosmonaut DLC pack you can get a shotgun in Morgan’s office. Otherwise, you will be able to find one at the entrance to the Neuromod division in the main lobby. The fabrication plans can be found in the Arboretum next to Carin Buckley’s body. 

2. Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor Cannon

GLOO Cannon Base Stats:

  • Incapacitation Rate: 100%
  • Handling: 33%
  • Range: 9m
  • Reload Speed: 100%

The GLOO Cannon is a special science weapon that shoots gelifoam, which immobilizes enemies and turns them into solid white objects. It is also a versatile object that can help disable electric discharges, put out fires, and create obstacles that you can parkour on.

The GLOO Cannon doesn’t do any damage by itself, but it is an enabler. Enemies gloo’d up to take extra damage. It’s best to combo it up with a shotgun or recycler charge to maximize the damage dealt to the enemy.

What GLOO Cannon Excels in:

  • Holding an enemy in place to enable massive damage
  • Crowd control and running away
  • Parkour onto different locations (creating platforms to climb to a different floor – for example).

How to get GLOO Cannon:

You can find the GLOO Cannon in multiple locations but the first encounter will be in a linear path that cannot be missed in the Neuromod division. The fabrication plan can be found in the G.U.T.S in the Fuel storage area.

1. TS-QPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam Emitter (Q-Beam)

Q-Beam Base Stats:

  • Power: 50kW
  • Handling: 15%
  • Firing Time: 5s
  • Reload Speed: 100%

The Q-Beam is the third and last lethal weapon you will find. It’s a continuous laser beam that deals a lot of damage but has horrible ammo efficiency. Essentially, it will be your super weapon that you only whip out for tackling the most difficult enemies in Prey.

The Q-Beam doesn’t really do damage, but instead, it does a "green bar" of damage; when the health bar turns completely green, the enemy will die. Since it is not a standard weapon, the green bar eventually regenerates given enough time to recover, so dishing out as much damage as possible in the shortest time frame is the key to using this weapon. Using supporting weapons such as the GLOO Cannon and Nullwave transmitter to control the enemy’s movement is recommended due to the firing time and move speed debuff while firing the Q-beam. This is the superweapon of prey—heavy damage but slow; it hits like a truck but needs commitment!

What Q-Beam Excels in:

  • Destroying the toughest enemies
  • Makes you feel awesome because it’s a laser beam
  • Poor Ammo economy so it really emphasizes itself as a “last resort weapon” and not one that you can use regularly

How to get Q-Beam:

You can find the Q-Beam in the Beam & Waves Lab in the Hardware Lab or in the G.U.T.S next to Josh Dalton’s corpse. You can also find the Fabrication lab in the Power Plant. 

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