[Top 15] Pokemon TCG Best Tool Cards

Pokemon TCG Best Tool Cards
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Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Pokemon cards come in many different types. Among those types are Trainer cards. And among those Trainer cards are Tool cards. These handy cards can be attached to your Pokemon and usually provide additional effects when attacking or being attacked. But which are the best ones? That’s what we’re here to find out. 

Today we’ll be looking at the top 15 Item cards in the Expanded format. If you are reading this in the far future, this will take into account all cards released before August 20 of 2021. Also, no cards that were banned at that time will be included. We will be taking into account how strong of an effect the card provides and also how versatile that effect is. For example, the Rusted Sword makes your Pokemon do 30 more damage but only works on Zacian V. Because of its limited use, it will not be making this list. With that said, let's get into the list. 

15. Bursting Balloon

When this tool card is attached to your Pokemon it deals 60 damage to an attacking Pokemon when it is damaged by an attack. However, it is a one use card because you must discard it at the end of your opponent’s turn. You definitely need to know your timing in order to apply this card well. 


14. Wishful Baton

Wishful Baton takes effect when the Active Pokemon it is attached to is knocked out. It allows you to move up to three basic energy from that Pokemon to one of your benched Pokemon. This is incredibly helpful for decks with big energy requirements. 


13. U-Turn Board

This tool gives the Pokemon it is attached to one less retreat cost. It also goes into your hand instead of your discard pile when discarded from play. Normally the cards that need help retreating have more than one retreat cost but if your Pokemon just need one, then this is a great card that can be used over and over. 


12. Lucky Helmet

The effect of Lucky Helmet activates when it is attached to our active Pokemon and that Pokemon takes damage. When this happens you draw two cards. This card is great for draw support but provides minimal help if your Pokemon are being KOed in one hit. 


11. Lucky Egg

The Lucky Egg has a similar effect to Lucky Helmet. When the Pokemon it is attached to is knocked out, you may draw cards until you have seven cards in your hand. This is great for decks where you expect your Pokemon to get knocked out frequently. 


10. Weakness Policy

This card makes it so that the Pokemon it is attached to has no weakness. Normally, there isn’t enough reliance on weakness to make this card super useful. However, depending on what deck you're playing and when this card could be absolutely crucial. 


9. Spell Tag

Spell Tag only takes effect when attached to psychic Pokemon, but works so well with their types of attacks that it has to be included here. When the psychic Pokemon it is attached to is knocked out, you may split 40 damage between your opponent’s Pokemon any way you want. This damage can lead to surprising knockouts and even beneficial tie games. 


8. Memory Capsule

Memory Capsule provides the useful effect of letting your evolved Pokemon use the attacks of previous evolutions. Usually, evolved forms are more powerful in every way but sometimes there is an incredibly useful attack that you lose by evolving and this tool lets you continue to use it. 


7. Exp. Share

This tool card takes effect when attached to your Benched Pokemon. When your Active Pokemon is knocked out, it allows you to move one energy from the Active Pokemon to the Pokemon EXP. Share is attached to. This makes sure that your energy stays in play.


6. Big Charm

This card simply provides the Pokemon it is attached to with 30 more HP. Incredibly versatile.


5. Fighting Fury Belt

Fighting Fury Belt is incredibly good but only useful on Basic Pokemon. It provides that Basic Pokemon with a +10 boost to damage and 40 more HP. 


4. Muscle Band

This card provides whatever Pokemon it is attached to with a +20 boost to damage. 


3. Float Stone

When attached to your Pokemon, Float Stone says that that Pokemon has no retreat cost. Just like that, your Pokemon can now retreat for free. 


2. Rock Guard

And now for the first Ace Spec card. These cards are so powerful that you can only play one Ace Spec card per deck. This Ace Spec tool does the same thing as number 15 on our list but you don’t have to discard it. Whenever anyone attacks the Pokemon this card is attached to, they take 60 damage back. This can be a powerful attack preventer or add a bit of extra damage to your next attack. 


1. Life Dew

And for our top card and second Ace Spec card, I give you Life Dew. When the Pokemon this card is attached to is knocked out, your opponent takes one less prize card. Prize cards are essential to winning the game and so prize card manipulation is usually great.


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