[Top 5] Outward Best Backpacks (And How To Get Them)

Best Outward Backpacks
Your Outward backpack is your best friend. Depending on which you choose it can compliment your playstyle or hinder you dramatically.

5. Boozu Hide Backpack (Best for Corruption protection)

The Boozu Hide Backpack is definitely one of the coolest and cleanest-looking backpacks in Outward, with its tribal yet symmetrical aesthetic. And it’s fairly easy to get!

This backpack is very useful for any build because it doesn’t affect your roll speed. In other words, you don’t have to take it off before battle, allowing you access to more of your arsenal and keeping your momentum in fights. It has a relatively large carrying capacity while protecting the player from Corruption.

What the Boozu Hide Backpack excels in:

  • Doesn’t interfere with the player’s roll
  • Has a relatively good carrying capacity
  • Protection against Corruption
  • Looks awesome
  • Fairly light

Boozu Hide Backpack details:

“Does not interfere with the user's roll. Protects against Corruption.”

  • Effects: No dodge interference
  • Capacity: 75
  • Inventory Protection: 2
  • Corruption Resist: 10%
  • Weight: 2
  • Buy: 100
  • Sell: 30
  • DLC: The Soroboreans

How to get the Boozu Hide Backpack:

In order to get this backpack, you need to have “The Soroboreans” DLC and head to Harmattan by speaking to a traveling merchant and paying him 200 silver. You can find one in any of the major cities. Head over to the Antique Plateau and find Boozu. These mobs may be dangerous if you are not careful. Make sure to use fire or lightning damage, as those are their weaknesses. Once you gather 3 Boozu Hides, you’ll be able to craft the Boozu Hide Backpack using the Scaled Satchel (another very easy-to-make backpack).


4. Mefino’s Trade Backpack (Best for carrying loot)

Mefino’s Trade Backpack is one of the easiest high-end backpacks to get in Outward, and it’s also the one with the most carrying capacity. However, that’s all it has going for it - space.

Many players never switch to another backpack because inventory management can be very tedious in Outward. And while it’s helpful to have the ability to sell a lot of items for extra silver in the early game, Mefino’s is not the best backpack in the game. Of course, it does hold a warm place in our hearts as the first unique item most adventurers find, and it’s most definitely useful for a significant part of any playthrough.

What Mefino’s Trade Backpack excels in:

  • An enormous carrying capacity
  • Easy to get
  • Can be acquired very early in a playthrough

Mefino’s Trade Backpack Details:

“Needlessly ornate bag with an enormous carrying capacity, once used by the spice merchant Mefino. Equipping this backpack slows your dodge.”

  • Capacity: 110
  • Weight: 5.0
  • Buy: 85 silver
  • Sell: 26 silver

How to get Mefino’s Trade Backpack:

This beast of a backpack can be found in Montcalm Clan Fort, located just northeast of Cierzo. It’s in a building on the west side of the camp, hidden behind a door, which requires 2 Power Coils to unlock. Power coils can be found across Chersonese within chests found in the open world.


3. Brass-Wolf Backpack (Best for physical protection)

The Brass-Wolf Backpack is a scary-looking but beautiful backpack that deserves a place on this list for its protective qualities.

Not only does it have a significant carrying capacity, but it offers massive inventory protection, as well as tankiness for your character. A downside is that it does hinder your rolls and can be confusing to acquire.

What the Brass-Wolf Backpack excels in:

  • Great for most builds that require an extra layer of defense
  • Excellent inventory protection
  • Looks mean!

Brass-Wolf Backpack details:

“Exquisite bag, used by northern Wolf-Knights. It protects the items it carries and its wearer. Equipping this backpack slows your dodge.”

  • Protection: 2
  • Capacity: 75
  • Inventory Protection: 15
  • Weight: 4
  • Buy: 200
  • Sell: 60

How to get the Brass-Wolf Backpack:

The durable Brass-Wolf Backpack can be found in Sand Rose Cave, located in the southeastern part of the Abrassar desert. It sits behind a large wagon which can be reached by using the cave’s lever system.


2. Brigand’s Backpack (Best for damage output)

This backpack is considered one of the strongest in the game while also being very easy to get. However, having its massively impactful status effect comes at a huge quality-of-life cost.

Brigand’s Backpack increases your non-magic damage output but a whopping 15%. This is a big number, especially in tougher boss fights. The downside is that the user can’t attach a lantern to it. While this seems like a minor issue - it’s not. Darkness in Outward is… really dark. Sure, you can sleep through the night, but some of the game’s most interesting and challenging content is buried in dungeons and caves, where a light source could make the difference between knowing your way and getting lost. Surviving or dying.

What the Brigand’s Backpack excels in:

  • Highest damage output potential for a backpack
  • Does not interfere with the player’s roll
  • Easy to acquire
  • Very light

Brigand’s Backpack details:

“Increases your Physical Damage by 15%. Does not impede rolling.”

  • Effects: No dodge interference
  • Effects: Cannot attach lanterns
  • Capacity: 70
  • Item Protection: 2
  • Damage Bonus: 15%
  • Weight: 1
  • Buy: 350
  • Sell: 105
  • DLC: The Three Brothers

How to get the Brigand’s Backpack:

Go to the Friendly Immaculate camp in Caldera and ask him for “storage.” He’ll hand you the backpack. Simple as that!

In addition, you can also purchase one from the General Store in New Sirocco.


1. Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack (Best for traveling and extended fights)

Arguably the most unique-looking backpack, Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack is one you can’t live without once you get used to it.

Great for traveling and combat, this majestic backpack has one of the largest carrying capacities in the game and the game-changing status effect of reducing your stamina costs by 10%. While it does hinder your roll speed, learning to play around this will improve your overall combat effectiveness while also preserving your consumables for a long, long time. And if you’re sick of slow rolls, you can always head to Levant and learn the Feather Dodge skill!

It is one of the harder containers to get, however, though it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

What Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack excels in:

  • High carrying capacity
  • Great for preserving food, drink, and other crafting materials
  • Exceptional for traveling and extended fights due to its reduction in stamina costs

Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack details:

“Trophy-Laden bag of the great hunter Zhorn, who used it to trek across vast distances. Equipping this backpack slows your dodge.”

  • Capacity: 85
  • Item Protection: 2
  • Preservation Amount: 50%
  • Weight: 4
  • Stamina Cost: -10%
  • Item Set: Zhorn’s Set
  • Buy: 400
  • Sell: 120
  • DLC: The Three Brothers

How to get the Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack:

Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack can be found in the Royal Manticore’s Lair dungeon in Enmerkar Forest, west of the Cabal of Wind Temple.

Two locked Troglodyte Gem Doors can be reached by dropping off the ledge to the left of the first cavern. The backpack is behind the door on the right and requires a Large Emerald to open.

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