NBA 2k21 Release Date and 10 Things We're Excited For

NBA 2k21 Release Date
The late and great Kobe Bryant honored on the 2k21 Mamba Forever Edition

Ever since the release date of NBA 2k21 was announced, fans have been eager to see the changes that 2k developers have in store. Now with less than a month away from the September 4th release date, fans got a sneak peek into what 2k21 will look like earlier this week. Here are the 10 things we’re excited about in NBA 2k21.

10. NCAA in 2K21

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the most powerful organization in college sports. Leaked through the official current generation gameplay trailer put out by NBA 2k21, developers gave us a sneak peek at the MyCareer mode and college gameplay. 

9. Walking Size Ups Make a Return

Leaked in the official current generation gameplay trailer, walking size ups are making a return to 2k. We’re excited to see such a fun and harmless taunt back in the game. Using this in the park will surely cause some intense gameplay! 

8. New Neighborhood 

Following a rather disappointing year for the 2k neighborhood, fans were vocal about wanting changes to the park. According to the gameplay trailer, fans will be getting just that with a neighborhood with an all-new beach theme. It's safe to say, we’re really excited about this one. 

7. New Music

With every new game comes a whole new in-game soundtrack for fans to enjoy. Released on Spotify, the new 2k21 soundtrack features popular artists like The Weeknd, Roddy Rich, Lil Baby, and more. With over 45 songs there is a lot for fans to be excited about.

6. Possible Ruffles Event Return

After the placement of a ruffles advertisement in the current generation gameplay trailer for 2k21, fans are positive that this means the ruffles event is making a return to 2k21. With the winner of the tournament last year winning 4x the VC, Ruffles Swag, Beats Solo 3s Wireless headphones, or a trip to the NBA-All Star Game. You could say we are extremely excited about the possibility of its return. 

5. Double Behind the Backs Return? 

2k21 means the addition of new and old animations added into the game. Showcased in the current generation gameplay trailer, double behind the backs seem to be making a return to the 2k animation library. 

4. New MyCareer Storyline

The highly anticipated MyCareer storyline for 2k21 is said to be offering players the opportunity to play in college or experience the G-League before reaching the NBA. With the leaks of college teams in 2k21, it’s safe to say that this is true! We’re excited to test out both options upon the release date. 

3. Next-Gen Gameplay

It was announced that NBA 2k21 will be supported on next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. It was revealed that the next-generation versions are being developed by an entirely different studio than current-generation consoles. Mike Wang of 2kTV even went on to say that “2k21 will feel completely different than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.” That's some exciting stuff to look forward to if you’re looking to purchase a next-generation gaming console. 

2. 2K21 MyTeam

MyTeam is making a return to 2k21, although players assumed this was already the case, it was confirmed following a MyTeam challenge released in 2k20. Live until the 28th of August, 2K20 players can complete challenges for a 3 card pack in 2k21 (upon purchase of 2k21). Start grinding that MyTeam roster early! 

1. Badge Grinding

Much like 2k20, easy badge grinding will be prioritized according to Mike Wang of 2kTV. To provide a fun environment for the 2k community. Although it is receiving mixed responses from the community, we’re excited to see it back so that the game can be enjoyable for players of all skill levels. 

That concludes our list of the 10 things we’re excited for after the initial leaks for 2k21. With more gameplay trailers set to be released in the coming weeks, there is no telling what kind of awesome features will be included in the newest installment of NBA2k. See you all on the 2k servers on September 4th! 

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