[Top 25] MTG Arena Best Flying Creatures

[Top 25] MTG Arena Best Flying Creatures
Terror of the Peaks is an absolute terror in-game with its lethal attacks and abilities

Flying creatures are among the scariest creatures to face in MTG. Most decks do not run flying creatures or creatures with reach, making these fliers more powerful and difficult to deal with. However, aside from their ability to deal damage from above, the creatures on this list also have different effects that go beyond their ability to just fly around blockers. Here are the strongest flying creatures in MTG Arena. 

25. Crackling Drake

What’s great about this card?

  • Crackling Drake is still a decent card to have on Izzet decks that focus on instants and sorceries
  • Casting more instants and sorceries allows you to pump this creature for a bigger attack on the air
  • It is also a great card to have especially against graveyard-hate decks since your instants and sorceries will still be counted even if they are exiled

Value (TCG Median): $ 0.26

24. Brazen Borrower

What’s great about this card?

  • Brazen Borrower was once a staple in control decks due to its ability to bounce back any non-land permanent that your opponent has
  • It is a great tempo card since you can bounce a threat then cast Brazen Borrower on your opponent’s turn
  • It is still a great card to have but the tempo it brings is no longer that powerful compared to when it was first introduced

Value (TCG Median): $ 13.31

23. Angel of Invention

What’s great about this card?

  • This card provides great value at any stage of the game
  • Angel of Invention is usually seen in decks that have graveyard-recursion mechanics like GPG because of its strong ETB effect
  • You can easily build an army when you cast this, or you can simply buff Angel of Invention so you can have a strong creature on the board

Value (TCG Median): $ 4.99

22. Alrund, God of the Cosmos // Hakka, Whispering Raven

What’s great about this card?

  • The focus of this card is on Hakka, Whispering Raven since it is a cheap creature that provides great value
  • At only two mana to cast, Hakka will give you a decent body for both attacks and blocks as it is a 2/3 creature
  • Getting an attack in is good because you get to bounce Hakka back to your hand and scry 2 for easier deck manipulation especially in tempo decks and control decks

Value (TCG Median): $ 1.79

21. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

What’s great about this card?

  • This 4-mana flier has a lot of interactions that can give your creatures the edge that they need
  • The Mentor mechanic, allows you to pump one of your attacking creatures with a +1/+1 counter
  • Since you will be playing this in a Boros (or possibly Mardu) deck, the last ability will always trigger, giving you an advantage in combat

Value (TCG Median): $ 2.14

20. Cavalier of Gales

What’s great about this card?

  • Although it has a high mana cost that almost disallows it in decks that are not mono-blue, Cavalier of Gales still packs a lot of advantage
  • Its ETB effect allows a great deck manipulation opportunity for you to smooth out your draws
  • You can also use it comfortably during attacks or blocks because it will only be shuffled in your library when it dies. It will also allow you to scry 2 when it dies so that you can take a peek at your next draw

Value (TCG Median): $ 2.68

19. Luminous Broodmoth

What’s great about this card?

  • Luminous Broodmoth is a powerful card to have as it can rebuild your army easily
  • Having this card on the battlefield along with non-flying creatures will help you extract the most value out of it
  • You can simply swing all your creatures even if the opponent has blockers because they will just be reanimated into flying versions that can cause more harm to the opponent’s life total

Value (TCG Median): $ 10.99

18. Dream Trawler

What’s great about this card?

  • Dream Trawler is a solid flier that can still be a win condition in UW Control decks
  • Control decks are known for their card draws so having a Dream Trawler on board when you draw a bunch of cards can give you a huge boost in terms of attacking
  • It can also be protected easily since you can just give it hexproof by discarding a card and tapping it

Value (TCG Median): $ 0.75

17. Niv-Mizzet, Parun

What’s great about this card?

  • A creature that can’t be countered and has a decent power/toughness is always a good thing to have
  • Although it is relatively difficult to cast because of its {R}{R}{R}{U}{U}{U} mana cost, it is still a solid creature when placed on the battlefield
  • It allows you to get more value from your card draws as well as casting instants and sorceries by pinging any target for 1 damage

Value (TCG Median): $ 4.41

16. Rankle, Master of Pranks

What’s great about this card?

  • Rankle, Master of Pranks can be compared to a Swiss army knife because of its different interactions
  • Rankle is still a very useful creature at any stage of the game 
  • You can deal with an opponent’s creature, solve your card draw woes, or discard an important card from your opponent’s hand

Value (TCG Median): $ 8.00

15. Demon of Dark Schemes

What’s great about this card?

  • It is a great card that can provide a one-sided boardwipe
  • Its ETB effect of giving all creatures -2/-2 is a good thing to have especially when faced with a bunch of aggressive creatures
  • The more creatures you remove from the game with its ETB, the more Energy counters you will receive that will allow you to bring back and control any creature from all graveyards

Value (TCG Median): $ 1.52

14. Shadrix Silverquill

What’s great about this card?

  • Shadrix Silverquill is a powerful card that can also give you many different effects depending on what you need in the game
  • It can give you a 2/1 creature token with flying to help you build your army, it can draw you a card in exchange for 1 life, or it can pump all your creatures with a +1/+1 counter
  • The only downside of this is you can only choose none or two effects and when you choose two effects, one of them should be targetted at your opponent

Value (TCG Median): $ 8.13

13. Eradicator Valkyrie

What’s great about this card?

  • Eradicator is a good anti-planeswalker card that can also deal with your opponent’s creatures
  • This creature is a 4/3 flier that has lifelink and hexproof from planeswalkers which means you won’t have to worry about those planeswalker abilities targeting you
  • You can also sacrifice a small creature to force your opponent to do the same. This is a great ability especially against opponents whose board is filled with large creatures

Value (TCG Median): $ 3.50

12. Leyline Tyrant

What’s great about this card?

  • This relatively cheap creature allows you to cast more spells since it prevents unused mana from disappearing in-between steps and phases
  • You won’t have to worry about losing your unspent mana which means you can cast deadlier spells 
  • It can also be a win condition since when it dies, you can simply pay any amount of red mana that will be converted to damage to the opponent or to any of their permanents

Value (TCG Median): $ 3.99

11. Archon of Sun’s Grace

What’s great about this card?

  • There are a lot of decent enchantments that you can cast which means this card can give you loads of advantage
  • Every time you cast an enchantment card, you will get a 2/2 pegasus token with flying
  • It also gives your tokens, and other pegasus, lifelink so that you can pump up your life total while building an army of flying horses

Value (TCG Median): $ 0.79

10. Arclight Phoenix

What’s great about this card?

  • Not as widely used as before, Arclight Phoenix can still be a surprise card to put in your Izzet deck
  • As long as it does not get exiled, you can simply get it back from your graveyard and swing for 3 every combat phase
  • Another good thing is that it is not Mythic which means you can have 4 Arclight Phoenixes on your graveyard, ready to swing for 12 damage in a single turn

Value (TCG Median): $ 7.99

9. Drana, the Last Bloodchief

What’s great about this card?

  • A card with decent stats and a pretty decent mana cost, Drama, the Last Bloodchief is a gamechanger 
  • This 4/4 creature can swoop in from the air and deal damage to the opponent. When it attacks, whether it gets blocked or not, the opponent would have to bring back any non-legendary creature from your graveyard onto your board
  • Getting even just a single swing from Drana can already give you a huge advantage in terms of the state of the board

Value (TCG Median): $ 2.00

8. Niv-Mizzet Reborn

What’s great about this card?

  • Getting a Turn 5 Niv-Mizzet Reborn will definitely give you an almost insurmountable lead in terms of board state and card advantage
  • Getting this on the board may be difficult since you need all colors of mana, however, once you play Niv-Mizzet Reborn, the value that it can give you is more than enough to force a concession from the opponent
  • Looking at the top ten cards in your library will always be a powerful effect as you can draw any threat from it

Value (TCG Median): $ 4.67

7. Feather, the Redeemed

What’s great about this card?

  • A RW aggro deck is still a solid deck to play since it has a good balance of aggressiveness and other win conditions
  • Feather is a staple in these RW aggro decks since it can amplify the effects of your instants and sorceries
  • It allows you to bring back the spell that you cast so that you can use it again next turn. If encountered, Feather can just snowball as it gives you huge mana and card advantage

Value (TCG Median): $ 1.24

6. Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

What’s great about this card?

  • Korvold is a powerful creature in a powerful deck archetype
  • Sacrifice decks may be dwindling in terms of usage but it is still one of the strongest decks in the game thanks in part to Korvold
  • Every time you sacrifice a permanent, Korvold gets stronger. Since it is flying, the opponent would need to remove it from the game immediately. Failure to do so will result in a few turns of beatdown before the opponent concedes

Value (TCG Median): $ 10.92

5. Gilded Goose

What’s great about this card?

  • Any card that wants to ramp should always place Gilded Goose in the deck
  • Although it does not present any advantage in terms of attacking or even defending, Gilded Goose balances that with the ramp it can give you
  • Having a turn one Gilded Goose can give you a huge ramp that can power you through the middle part of the game and get you into the driver’s seat early

Value (TCG Median): $ 2.11

4. The Locust God

What’s great about this card?

  • Getting an army of insects to attack for you is a power move especially in the late game
  • The Locust God is a strong card that gives you an incentive every time you draw a card by giving you a 1/1 flying insect that you can gather for a huge attack
  • It also gives you a good mana sink that lets you draw a card. This card draw will also trigger another spawning of a 1/1 flying insect
  • Aside from these advantages, it is also an unkillable creature since it will only return to your hand if it dies. The opponent would have to exile it to make sure it does not return to the game

Value (TCG Median): $ 4.25

3. Burning-Rune Demon

What’s great about this card?

  • Getting any card from your library is a huge advantage whatever the situation is
  • Burning-Rune Demon not only gives you a big body that can attack and block almost any creature but it also gives you a very big advantage since you can pick any card from your library

Value (TCG Median): $ 2.88

2. Hydroid Krasis

What’s great about this card?

  • Hydroid Krasis is a good creature whether it enters as a 1/1 or a 10/10 creature
  • This card solves almost any issue you may encounter in the game as casting it will gain you life, draw you cards, and of course, give you a creature on the board
  • Casting this in any situation will surely give you a lot of value to either finish the game or get you out of uncomfortable situations

Value (TCG Median): $ 16.02

1. Terror of the Peaks

What’s great about this card?

  • Terror of the Peaks is a card that is hard to remove from the game so you are almost certain that you will get it to stick on the board
  • Since you will probably get this to stick, casting big creatures in the succeeding turns can finish your opponent as Terror of the Peaks can deal damage equal to that creature’s power, essentially giving you an attack that cannot be blocked. 

Value (TCG Median): $ 23.99


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