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The character cast of Inuyasha!
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[Top 10] Inuyasha Best Characters 

Everyone has their favorite Inuyasha characters, and everyone has their least favorites. Whether you love the hotheaded Inuyasha or the adorable Shippo, this list has both. Here are the Top 10 Inuyasha Best Characters!

10. Kilala

Kilala is Sango’s most trusted and main form of transportation. However, Kohaku, Sango’s brother, currently has her. Kilala was first introduced when she ran up to Sango after she had completed a mission as a demon slayer. They were playing together directly before Sango and the other demon slayers went to the Hitomi castle on a job, a job that turned out to be a trap and resulted in everyone but Sango, Kilala and her brother to be wiped out. After this, all three got split up.

After this, Kilala began to travel with Inuyasha’s group, serving as their companion for the rest of the series. She became fast friends with Shippo, and was always there for a depressed friend in need. Kilala was often abused by the others when they took her for granted, but Kilala bore them no ill will. 

What Makes Kilala Awesome 

  • She is fiercely loyal to the group, is very intelligent, and puts up with the ridiculousness that can be Inuyasha’s group. And after they defeat Naraku, she accompanies Sango’s brother, Kohaku, on adventures to become a better demon slayer.
  • Kilala would follow anyone she loved to the ends of the earth, explaining why she has such a developed personality compared to other creatures like her. Kilala would give her life for the group, and it shows.
  • Kilal’s design is one of the most awesome and even beautiful out of most of the creatures in Inuyasha. And the fact that she can turn into a small creature made for smaller hugs is even better.

9. Kaede

Kaede is a priestess living in a poor village by the Bone Eater’s Well, the well Kagome uses to travel through time. She was the very first character to meet Kagome, and is also Kikyo’s younger sister, the sister who saved her life in battle, but not her eye. She is often wise and gives plenty of advice to the others when they need it most.

After her sister is killed, Kaede takes her place, and is nothing short of one of the strongest priestesses in the land. Kaede is also the only one to recognize Kagome as Kikyo’s reincarnation. After Kagome frees Inuyasha so that he may defeat Mistress Centipede, she gives Kagome the Beads Of Subjugation so that she can control Inuyasha with one word.

What Makes Kaede Awesome

  • She is well respected by others, as she has extensive knowledge concerning demons and spirits. She isn’t afraid to face up to powerful enemies or attacks, explaining why the villagers call for her assistance in the first episode when they found Kagome.
  • Kaede is seen as kind to others, very patient with others, and can be rather serious or aggressive when things get chaotic or when others act out. And that’s only valid, since she’s often the only one with a level head.
  • Never has Kaede let Kikyo’s legacy haunt her on the outside, and she took up the mantle as village priestess with pride and devotion. Throughout her life, despite her hardships, Kaede has never given up, and she doesn’t plan to stop now.

8. Kikyo

Kikyo was a shrine priestess who lived fifty years before Kagome arrived in the Feudal Era. It was her responsibility to purify the Shikon Jewel, and loved Inuyasha before Naraku tricked them both, posing as Kikyo so that she would attack Inuyasha and drive him to steal the jewel to become a full demon instead of a full human like they first discussed. She ended up being fatally wounded by one of Inuyasha’s blows, and after binding the half-demon to the Sacred Tree with one of her Sacred Arrows, she sacrificed her life to keep the Shikon Jewel from ever existing again.

After Kagome arrived from the modern era, bringing the jewel with her, an evil demon named Urasue resurrected her using Kagome’s soul, as Kagome is her reincarnation. When the resurrected Kikyo learned the cause of her death, she made it her goal to defeat Naraku, while also destroying the Shikon Jewel so that no one would ever desire it again. Kikyo then proceeded to attack Inuyasha, but then fell off the cliff they were fighting on, being presumed dead by the others. Afterwards, she wandered around the country, struggling with the fact that she had become nothing but the walking dead. However, she was pleased to see that Inuyasha still cared for her, that is until she kissed him and he found her body cold to the touch. She attempted to take him into death with her, until she realized he cared for Kagome more than he did her. Kikyo left, and her personality is quite varied over the rest of the series.

What Makes Kikyo Awesome

  • Kikyo was once a compassionate, considerate, and kind woman to any person she came across, even her enemies, including Inuyasha. However, after she was resurrected, this was all replaced by utter hatred. 
  • She became cunning, apathetic, and even once seemed to be allied with Naraku until it was revealed that that was nothing but a trap to kill him. Even characters with trickery in their hearts can be awesome as well.
  • She refused to die on her own, making it her sole mission to take Inuyasha with her. While her motives seem evil, which they are to an extent, it becomes nothing but a heartbreaking story of lost romance. It wouldn’t be anime without at least a little emotional drama.

7. Shippo

Shippo is an orphan fox kitsune who attempted to steal Sacred Jewel shards from Inuyasha and Kagome. His ultimate goal for stealing the shards was so he could get revenge for his father’s death, another fox kitsune who was murdered in cold blood by the Thunder Brothers. Shippo’s original plan is a disaster, and Inuyasha and Kagome come to his aid when they realize his true motives. After their plan is a success, Shippo becomes a regular traveling companion for the group.

He has fox-like features, common in a fox kitsune, and can shapeshift into other creatures or people. Although when his bushy orange tail gives it away, he resorts to his mushrooms or foxfire instead. He might not be very powerful, but he can sometimes serve as a good mode of transportation and comedic. The group just wouldn’t be the same without Shippo in it.

What Makes Shippo Awesome

  • When it comes to observation, Shippo is generally naive, acting rather smart towards Inuyasha, who kindly gives him a smack in the head. Despite this, he views Inuyasha and Kagome as older siblings that are great role models towards him. 
  • Shippo has a pure heart despite being a demon, and his devotion towards his friends gives him more strength than he might have had before. He always feels stronger when he’s close with the group. 
  • Once the kitsune makes a decision, he always follows through, despite being consistently scared of just about anything. He is perceptive, sensitive, and overall, has surprisingly good judgement. He even reminded the others about how they all take Kilala for granted, even though it was his fault no one got the message that she was going somewhere. Oh well. Good message anyway.

6. Rin

Rin was formally an orphan girl after her village was destroyed, leaving her to become Sesshomaru’s, Inuyasha’s brother, traveling companion. After the attack on her village, where Rin saw her brother and father murdered right in front of her, she had horrible nightmares, developing a general fear towards humans as well. She then became mute, and refused to speak, leading the remaining villagers to beat and scold her for her strange behavior.

Since Rin was generally ignored, she did what she wanted, and that included meeting Sesshomaru. She continued to help him by bringing him food or other types of help, despite him consistently refusing both. After Rin was caught stealing food, being cruelly beaten as a result, Sesshomaru questioned her injuries, shocked when he saw the smile on her face. 

However, the minute she arrived back at the village, she saw a thief stealing their fish. It turns out that the Wolf Demon tribe attacked their village, causing Rin to flee into the forest, hoping to escape with her life. Sesshomaru came upon her, and killed those who pursued her. After that, she became Sesshomaru’s loyal traveling companion. Despite being a liability, according to Sesshomaru, he saved her life, rescued her when she was kidnapped, and even revived her from the dead twice.

What Makes Rin Awesome

  • Rin is simple, innocent, and has a strong heart. Despite Sesshomaru consistently pretending that he doesn’t care, she always does favors for him that end up being welcomed. 
  • She’s quite curious towards friends and foes, and enjoys making up songs. Rin would also risk her life for her companions, especially Sesshomaru, and his consistent violence never bothers her. Perhaps because of the violence she faced in the past.
  • Rin is the one who opened up Sesshomaru’s heart for the better, and Sesshomaru and the others might not have lived were it not for her. She was the reason he used the Tenseiga for its proper purpose, and even drives him to have compassion in his heart.

5. Miroku

Miroku was once a monk who now travels with Inuyasha and the others on their quest to destroy Naraku and restore the Shikon Jewel. Miroku’s grandfather happened to be cursed by Naraku, leading the Wind Tunnel curse to be passed down through each generation. Of course, Miroku has it on his right hand, and keeps it covered unless in battle.

Miroku used to travel throughout the countryside, performing his Buddhist acts towards the people he came across. This includes praying for those who ask, praying for the ill and dying, exorcising spirits and demons, etc. Of course, if his clients have enough money, he will dedicate himself to ripping them off. 

Miroku is also searching for Naraku, because if he does not find and destroy him, the Wind Tunnel curse will consume him completely until there is nothing of him left. He meets Inuyasha’s group by spying on Kagome, seeing that she has three shards of the Shikon Jewel. Miroku knows better than to try and steal them with Inuyasha around. Therefore, he instructs his raccoon friend, Hachi, to steal it for him. This works, and Miroku declares that if they come one step closer, he will suck them all into his Wind Tunnel.

However, he later helped Kagome to defeat a demon, and joined the others on the quest to defeat Naraku. Throughout this quest, he meets Sango, falling in love with her over time, and finally seems to find a group of people worth fighting for. 

What Makes Miroku Awesome

  • Miroku is brave, willing to give up his own wellbeing for those he loves. He continues to use his Wind Tunnel curse in battle to protect his friends, despite knowing that the more he uses it, the more it will consume his body.He is kind and friendly, but with not much patience to go around, especially when he thinks people don’t like him. 
  • Despite his anger and sometimes violence, Miroku would never harm innocent people if it wasn’t necessary, and hates pointless fighting. He calls himself a pacifist, and will run if he believes there is no need to fight. He is quite curious and objective, as well as being clever enough to mildly predict outcomes.
  • However, he can be a bit of a womanizer, asking women everywhere he goes if they can “bear his children.” This also extends to inappropriately touching Sango, despite him loving her, and that always ends with a nice slap to the face.

4. Inuyasha

Inuyasha is the main character of the show, as well as being a unique protagonist. He is the half-demon son of the Great Dog Demon Toga, his mother being a human princess named Izayoi. Inuyasha was trapped to the bark of the Sacred Tree by one of Kikyo’s Secret Arrows for trying to steal the Sacred Shikon Jewel in order to become a full demon. Fifty years later Kagome, Kikyo’s reincarnation, released him from the spell, but also shattered the jewel all over Feudal Japan. Grudgingly, they choose to work together to find the shards before other demons could steal them. 

Inuyasha’s mother was human, who died after giving birth to him, this being due to wounds from a piercing arrow. His father was the great Inu Daiyokai who also perished, but in a fight with a dangerous demon named Ryukotsusei. This means Inuyasha grew up alone, suffering from taunts like hanyo, which means “half-breed.” So it only makes sense that Inuyasha would want the Shikon Jewel to rid himself of his other half; first as a full human, and second as a full demon.

His first love happened to be the priestess Kikyo, who guarded the Shikon Jewel from demons, and was willing to give up her life so that it would be protected. Inuyasha tried numerous times to get close to her, but failed. However, this gave him a chance to watch her from afar, and her him. When Inuyasha rescued Kikyo’s little sister, Kaede, from Mistress Centipede, they agreed to meet on peaceful terms. After this, they quickly fell in love.

Inuyasha gave up his pursuit of the Shikon Jewel, as it wasn’t worth him losing Kikyo. Eventually, Kikyo offered to use the jewel to make him fully human, and Inuyasha agreed, as living normal lives together made them happy. However, an evil demon named Naraku, wanted the jewel and its power to himself. Therefore, he tricked Kikyo and Inuyasha into thinking that one had betrayed the other, leading to Kikyo’s death and Inuyasha being cursed to the Sacred Tree for fifty years.

Now, he reluctantly travels with Kagome to recover the jewel shards, although he becomes fond of her throughout the series, even to the point of love. Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala are others he’s come to care for, even if he won’t admit it. 

What Makes Inuyasha Awesome

  • Even when his life is in danger, Inuyasha never runs away from a fight. He’s persistent, full of determination, and his guts often shock and intimidate enemies.
  • However, he also often acts as if he were a child, much to his friends dismay, and has trouble controlling his wild soul. Despite being hurt, he ignores his pain, his emotions driving him forward. Of course, this could lead to him being on the brink of death and not even caring. 
  • He can be impatient, prideful, and have difficulty sharing important issues with others. But he ends up warming up to the others, especially Kagome. He can be honest to a fault, and giving in is never an option whatsoever.

3. Sango

Sango was the only woman in a village of demon slayers, people who trained their entire lives to kill and exterminate demons, no matter where they are. Her father was the head of the village, and she had a younger brother named Kohaku. She was taught from a young age how to slay demons, and was only ten years old when she caught the eye of a young lord who was impressed with her skills.

Kilala, the nekomata who still follows them, grew up with Sango and the family, becoming Sango’s fighting partner. Sango always loved her brother, Kohaku, and was determined to help him train. At just sixteen years of age, she was one of the most talented skaters in the village, her Hiraikotsu at her side. However, the minute the Shikon Jewel shattered, a centipede demon with a sacred jewel shard in its back invaded a local village. Sango slew it, and the villagers gave it to her as part of her payment.

The next day, the slayers were summoned to a castle to dispose of a spider demon. But upon reaching the castle, Kohaku, Sango’s younger brother, appeared to be possessed. He killed every slayer present, including their own father. Sango came to the realization that Kohaku was being controlled by another demon, but the guards of the castle killed Kohaku before she could say so. 

After being buried alive, as well as escaping, Sango heard Naraku’s, the demon who possessed Kohaku, advisor say that Inuyasha was the demon responsible for the massacre. Sango stated that she would kill Inuyasha for his crimes, and Naraku took advantage of this by putting a jewel shard in her back to prevent her from feeling pain, giving her the strength to attack Inuyasha. After Sango was convinced of the truth by the others, and Naraku’s plan of using Kohaku against her failed, she joined the others in their quest to destroy him. 

What Makes Sango Awesome

  • Sango is nothing if not brave and determined, and she would give up everything for friends and family. Especially Kohaku and the others. Sango’s unconditional love never wavers, and is one of her greatest character strengths.
  • Like Inuyasha, she has finally warmed up to the idea of being close to others, and finally letting her walls down, no longer snappy or cold towards others. She enjoys being closer to Kagome, as she’s the only other girl in a group of stubborn men (ahem Miroku)
  • Speaking of Miroku, she handles him the way a woman should handle a womanizer such as himself; a good slap to the cheek and a reminder of who he really loves. That’s what makes their relationship just as comedic and heartfelt as Inuyasha and Kagome’s.

2. Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru is a very powerful Dog Demon, and the half-brother of Inuyasha. Unlike Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is a full demon. Their father, the great Inu Daiyoukai Toga, had Sesshomaru with another Daiyokai, but her name is never mentioned. This is so because Toga had Sesshomaru with his mother as a show of power. With Inuyasha’s mother, Izayoi, he had Inuyasha because he truly loved her. 

Sesshomaru’s goal had once been to defeat his father in battle so that he could take both legendary swords, the Tessaiga and So’unga. His father asked Sesshomaru if he had anyone to protect, Sesshomaru said no, and that was the end of that. When he was killed protecting Inuyasha and his mother, Sesshomaru developed a deep hatred for them both, deeming them utterly pathetic out of bitterness. His father gifted him Tenseiga, the sword of healing, so that he might gain compassion

Unlike other demons, he’s not interested whatsoever in owning any of the Shikon Jewel shards, instead wanting Inuyasha’s powerful sword, the Tessaiga. He joined forces with Naraku, the evil demon, for a bit to steal the Tessaiga in exchange for Inuyasha. This plan falls through, and neither see each other for a good time. Later on, he seeks to defeat Naraku for reasons of his own that seem to be unrelated. 

After several fights with Inuyasha’s group over the sword, Sesshomaru finally uses the Tenseiga to resurrect an orphan girl who had been mauled to death by the Wolf Demon tribe. He had planned on ignoring her, but wanted to see if the sword truly worked. It did, and now he has the young girl, Rin, as a traveling companion. However, he was still cold towards others, and was still determined to kill Inuyasha. 

Losing Rin after rescuing her and Kohaku from the underworld led him to putting all of his energy into the Tenseiga to revive her. When it didn’t work, his mother told him that the Tenseiga could only revive someone once, and that if he wanted to save his most loved one, he must feel sadness and fear for them at the same time. His mother chose to save Rin with the Medio Stone, warning Sesshomaru she would never do this again. When Rin was revived, Sesshomaru didn’t show it, but he was the happiest he’d ever been.

After defeating Naraku, Sesshomaru left Rin with Kaede wanting to ensure her safety. He still visits every now and then with gifts.

What Makes Sesshomaru Awesome

  • Many demons have nothing but cruelty in their blood, and at the start of the series, it seems as if Sesshomaru is that type of demon. However, that isn’t the case. The only demon-like trait he inherited from his intense father was his small like for humans, which took quite some time to see in him. In the end, this ends up what truly makes him great.
  • His emotions were locked inside his heart for quite some time, as he claimed that he cared for absolutely nothing or no one. However, after saving Rin, he became increasingly attached to her, even embracing the Tenseiga so that he could save her. His heartbreak at her death says enough about the way he truly feels.
  • Sesshomaru has always been the “I saved you but I didn’t do it because I wanted to” character, and that carries on more towards the end of the series when he gains some compassion. This can sometimes be interpreting as an act of humor. 

Top Inuyasha Character: Kagome

Kagome is the modern reincarnation of the Feudal Era priestess Kikyo, born with the Shikon Jewel in her body until she was pulled into her family’s well by a demon to be taken back in time. After escaping the demon, she found herself in the forest of Inuyasha, totally lost. Looking for her backyard, she saw the Sacred Tree, a landmark in her yard. She went towards it to find Inuyasha, a young dog-eared boy, trapped against the tree with an arrow.

Before she could explore, however, she was taken by villagers who brought her to Kaede, the priestess of the village. There was talk of whether or not Kagome was a spy or a demon, until Kaede realized she was looking at the reincarnation of her dead sister, Kikyo. After being told the story, the demon from before, Mistress Centipede, attacks the village searching for the jewel inside Kagome.

In order to defeat her before things got worse, they were forced to release Inuyasha from his trap so that he could defeat Mistress Centipede. He did so, only to try to steal the jewel himself. However, it was taken by a crow demon only to be shattered into thousands of shards throughout Feudal Japan. Inuyasha and Kagome reluctantly team up to find the shards, and come across allies and foes alike along the way, all while Kagome struggles to maintain her real world life.

They meet Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kilala, allies in the fight to find the jewel shards and defeat the nefarious demon Naraku. More often than not, Kagome is taken or attacked because of her relationship with the jewel. However, Inuyasha is always there to save the day. Her relationship with Inuyasha is consistently rocky, as she has romantic feelings towards him, yet believes he still loves Kikyo, his first lover. However, he proves his love for Kagome over and over throughout the series, and chooses her in the end.

What Makes Kagome Awesome

  • Kagome has always been kind, loving, and sometimes uncontrollable like Inuyasha. She’s empathetic to the point where she never hesitates to help a single person in need, giving them the respect and comfort she believes they deserve. She’ll never leave anyone she thinks she can help without at least trying to assist them.
  • Kagome has a strong voice, literally never afraid to let everyone know about what she thinks is right and wrong. She’s learned that in this world, things aren’t so black and white, eventually becoming the one the others can lean on for support were they to have any problems whatsoever.
  • Despite being from the modern era, Kagome utilizes what knowledge she has to assess the situation fully, instead of jumping in blindly like Inuyasha or some other characters. Even when trapped in a situation where it seems there’s no way out, she takes the risk needed to get everyone through the fight.

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