Top 5 Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Best Gold Farming Techniques

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Best Gold Farming Techniques
It can be said that greed is a sin, but it can also be said that gold is shiny and precious and we wants all of it. Let's look at the best ways in Idle Champions to get shiny bits.

In Idle Champions gold is everything, it's how you upgrade your character. It's how you get favor to buy blessings. It's a very important currency, so if you want to know the best way to get it, let me show you.

5. Azaka Gold Farm

This was the teaser image for Azaka being announced as a champion. She was an NPC before that so it was a welcome surprise for the community.

Azaka Gold farming is a common technique used in the idle champions community when you feel as though you’ve hit your wall. Above is an example of what a formation looks like. 

What’s Great

  • Works with a variety of champions, so long as you use Azaka
  • Meta viable
  • 3.88e26% gold find theoretically if everything is optimized with top gold find increase champions

How it works

  • Go to the highest level you can go to or 5 levels earlier
  • Set Wulfgar as your tank champion, make sure tanks for a bit to provoke his damage shield
  • Kill all mobs but one
  • Remove all DPS
  • Place Azaka in your formation
  • Choose the resist the curse specialization
  • Unlock the ultimate at level 140 
  • Put in champions that increase your gold find
  • Farm offline with a familiar or auto clicker on Azaka’s ultimate

4. BUD Exploiting

See the 2.94e45 to the right of the white lightning bolt on the purple flag, that's your BUD(Base Ultimate Damage.) Stick around because we're gonna talk about how you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve put a picture of the formation slots on the right side of the game screen because you will be using it a lot. This technique is beginner-friendly and utilizes the new BUD system for ultimates as well as a specific consumable. It’s important to note that this is not like Azaka farming, it does require you to actively play the game.

What’s Great

  • Uses whatever champions you have
  • No specific max gold find but has been known to get up to e4 gold
  • Requires you have a high DPS as well

How it Works

  • Save one formation as your usual high DPS team
  • Save a second formation with a focus on increasing gold find
  • Level up both teams as you progress
  • When you reach your wall turn off auto progress
  • Use an ult that spikes your damage
  • With your max BUD, use a fire-breath potion
  • When your usual formation is no longer under direct attack, switch to the gold find formation
  • Your gold find team will speed through levels relying on that potion and your high BUD
  • Once your BUD degrades downward, just rinse and repeat with what you did above

3. Krull Pilfer Farm

That's right, it's time for your favorite turtle that worships death. This time we're gonna see how using his special ability to infect enemies with various plagues can help you get some extra dosh.

One gold farming method involves using a specific specialization of the champion Krull. As you know, Krull is a gold and support specialist who works best with Arkhan and an evil formation. Here’s how it works. 

What’s Great

  • Uses Krull to build up a status effect
  • Switches out with Azaka farm

How it works

  • Get maximum stacks of the pilfer debuff onto an enemy
  • Switch formation out to the basic Azaka farm formation
  • The pilfer debuff with work with Azaka’s ult to get a lot of gold

2. Try to avoid offline farming

If you're used to seeing this image, maybe you should rethink your gold farming method. I'll explain just make sure you stick around.

It may seem tempting to just set up the formation and close the idle champions app, but what you don’t know is that the gold you gain while you’re offline is actually less than what you’ll get while you’re online.

What’s Great

  • While online you can use potions and consumables
  • While it’s okay to rely on familiars, not everyone has access to them


  • Leave the game running in the background instead
  • If farming, use potions whenever possible
  • Don’t be afraid to farm at your wall or 4 levels from there
  • It’s confirmed that farming offline will earn less gold

1.  Bounty of the Hall Champions

Bruenor is probably the most important member of a bounty of the hall formation, as well as the first champion you get in the game. So don't worry about getting him in those time gates, you can get his gear from any chest you get.

The five champions above all contribute to what is called the bounty of the hall pool. This is another name for the gold find.

What’s Great

  • Each of the champions has its own way of affecting the bounty of the hall pool.


  • Bruenor increases the bounty of the hall pool by 100% for each other champion of the hall in the formation
  • Drizzt gives a flat increase of 100% to the bounty of the hall pool
  • Regis increases the bounty of the hall pool by 100% every time the formation comes under attack
  • Wulfgar also gives a flat increase of 100% to the bounty of the hall pool
  • Catti-Brie, like Drizzt and Wulfgar, gives a flat increase of 100% to the bounty of the hall pool

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