Top 10 Games Like Oxenfree (Games Better Than Oxenfree In Their Own Way)

Games Like Oxenfree
They're teens, scared, and trapped on a haunted island. What could go wrong?

Oxenfree is a dark, driving, and gorgeous indie classic- one that you’ll have a hard time forgetting.

Alex is trapped with her friends on a Washington island, armed with nothing but a radio.

The question you get to answer, who will make it to the end?

If you loved the game as I did, you might be looking for another to play within the same genre.

Here’s 10 games like Oxenfree (in no particular order) , all great in their own weird, awesome way.

10. Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows gameplay

Exploring the haunted Willows Mansion, Elena Elkhorn must find her missing father.

A side scrolling paranormal horror game- Whispering Willows offers excitement, well rounded backgrounds, and an easy to follow story.

You use an amulet to talk with ghosts as you project your form into another realm.

With nice visuals, good plot, and solid gameplay- this could be a great game for a rainy Saturday.

Ghosts: Elena enters the ghostly- realm and interacts with the well thought out world.

Dark theme: The ominous colors and theme create a great atmosphere. This makes the light from Elena’s amulet really stand out.

9. Unavowed

Unavowed Gameplay

You’ve woken up and you can’t remember.

After being possed by a murdering demon, life as you know it has ended.

You’re now free, but as a wanted criminal with no connections- your only place to turn is the Unavowed.

Their objective? Stop evil... by any means possible.

Suspenseful: Your world changes with twists, mystery, and a driving story.

Creepy: Using detailed imagery, Unavowed paints a dark tale, one that fits snuggly in the horror genre.

8. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods Gameplay

There’s something in the woods.

Mae Borowski is a college dropout come home, but things are not as she left them.

Through mystery, music, and a driven story this game is just wonderful.

In my personal favorite game of all time, play as Mae- a 20 year old hooligan with nothing to do but hang out. As Mae you choose your experience.

Where you go, who you talk with, what bonds are formed- it’s all up to you.

This will increase playability, and always give you more to do. Especially if you’ve just come from Oxenfree, Night in the Woods is a great game to pick up- it’s a representation of what it means to be indie.

A great game, and perfect for playing on taco night. (Just don’t drip any hot sauce on your controller).

Backstory: Knowing nothing about Mae from the get-go, you piece together her past and build her future.

Visuals: With gorgeous visuals, you’ll come to know the whole town of Possum Springs, a place with more secrets then it lets on.


Distraint Gameplay

“Your humanity was for sale, and you sold it.”

Price is a young go-getter ready to secure a deal with a major company.

To do so however, he must seize an old woman’s property.

Described as a psychological horror, distraint will have you on the edge of your seat- only to leave you falling off the end.

The music has an uneasy tone perfect for the story and the dark atmosphere which gives you an ominous presence.

You are Price, and you’ve lost the one thing most important- your humanity.

Humor: With the serous tone, distraint lightens the mood with occasional humor- keeping things from getting too dark.

Setting: The setting of distraint gives a somber feeling of silent horror.


Darkroom has yet to be released, but shows great promise in the horror genre.

Everything is dark, but you are most definitely not alone.

With your witts gone, your only weapon is the power to ask questions. Where are you? How did you get there?

A mystic novel made to give you an uneasiness- Darkroom will be a great game to look forward to.

Question everything: Your only option at the beginning is to ask the right questions. What else can you do?

Contrast: With little information on plot, we know of lightness and darkness. Where it goes from there, we will get to see.

5. Gods will be Watching

Gods will be Watching Gameplay

In this point and click adventure game- everyones lives are in your hands.

In this space adventure you must make tough decisions, none of them good.

6 chapters of thrilling gameplay and you’ll find yourself in the trickiest situations as you decide between the life of friends and the lives of many.

What will you do?

Gore: As you get to know your crew, these gory moments become even more tragic.

Futuristic: An interstellar tale comes with interesting technology, plot, and puzzles.

4. Jenny LeClue- Detectivu

Jenny Leclue Detectivu gameplay

It’s all up to you. Jenny LeClue’s mother has been accused of murder- the crime of all crimes.

Your decisions decide the future of the game. Will you find the right clues? Ask the right questions?

In this, game the choice is yours. With clean animation, a fun art style, great music, and a fun story dynamic- Jenny LeClue is all about asking the right questions, and choosing what to do with the answers.

Impressive visuals: With fun colors and interesting animation, the whole game is very pleasing to the eye.

Mysterious: The mystery has an interesting air about it. Though the game has yet to release, it shows great promise.

3. Undertale

Undertale gameplay

In a world of humans and monsters, you’re caught right in the middle.

An absolutely wonderful game, Undertale is a masterpiece of humor, visuals, and music. With of course a great story.

After dropped into the world of monsters below, you (a human) must escape. The schtick? Unlike most RPG’s, you have the choice to show mercy.

You don’t need to go around killing every monster, but rather learn they have entire lives and personalities if spared. You can be kind.

This quirky story with fun gameplay and a unique fight style has everything a story gamer could want.

So when giving the choice of showing mercy or spreading death, who will you be?

Story: A prologue gives context to your story, what happens beyond that is up to you.

Unique: The turn based fighting is unlike the masses, where you use conversation and ultimately skill when dodging attacks. Kind of like family interaction at Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park gameplay

Described as a “graphic adventure,” Thimbleweed Park is a fun mystery that goes from funny, to puzzling, to just plain weird (but like… The cool kind).

You switch between the perspectives of five characters who only recently met- and explore the forgotten place of Thimbleweed Park.

A charming game with voice acting, humor, puzzles, and a little bit of meta..

Items: You use items to solve the puzzles and fight other characters.

Weird: Things get weird, but it broadens the story and gives an entertaining experience.

1. Detention

Detention gameplay

This 1960’s based horror game gives a chilling feel and should not be played at night (unless you’re braver than me).

These two students in a world based off taiwanese/chinese culture and history are trapped, but are not alone.

To escape you go through puzzles, spooks, and dark clues.

Will you make it out? Or will the school's darkness get to you?

Side Scrolling: The 2D side scroller keeps you wondering what horrors will be along the very next screen.

Clues: From Taiwanese/Chinese mythology you’ll find all sorts of clues, hints from the past, and chilling revelations.

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elcoldtown 3 years 4 months ago

Undertale is a homage to 90's RPGs and in no way similar to Oxenfree.